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Nub or skull theory don't mind!

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berrypicking Mon 05-Jan-15 15:04:50

Hi just curious to know everyones thoughts on whether they think a boy or girl based on either the nub or skull theory?! smile I know it's not the best scan photo.

Dailylurker Mon 05-Jan-15 15:08:44

I'm no expert but I think boy, I think boy is straight and girl points upwards... Congratulations x

blackwidow74 Mon 05-Jan-15 16:22:44

Girl is in line with spine ... boys have an angle to their dangle

I'm not seeing a nub in pic but really need baby to be around 13.5 weeks for that ... and I'm no good at skull theory sad

Dailylurker Mon 05-Jan-15 17:10:37

Oh in that case I would say girl...

Sorry, I am clearly rubbish at this grin

berrypicking Tue 06-Jan-15 08:18:54

I thought girl too but I am not very good at these either that's why I thought I would ask smile

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