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11 weeks pregnant with hypermobility - hypnobirthing

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sleepy2kp Mon 05-Jan-15 12:58:46

I've had hypermobility for 10 yrs or so and I'm 11 wks. I've seen midwives and they knew nothing about hypermobility or how it affects me. I tried explaining but they just say ok and change subject. I know everything affects everyone differently but I want to know What risks I face just to be in the know. I already have hip pain and very clicky joints but some of this will be due to not taking my anti inflammatories. I asked dr for some painkillers as paracetamol don't help but he said no and I could be referred to physio. I've done this before and it made things worse. Does anyone else have this? How did it affect you?
Also I've been reading about hypnobirthing and think this may help. Has anyone any advice on this.
Really sorry for long post but desparate for answers from real people who know.
Thanks loads in advance.

TheBooMonster Mon 05-Jan-15 14:49:00

sleepy I also have Hypermobility Syndrome, I'm 26 weeks pregnant and I'm under the care of a consultant alongside my midwife. I would highly recommend you insist on both a referral to a consultant and a referral to a genetic councillor as we got both when I was pregnant with DD and having someone to go over the complications that can arise with HMS / HEDS is incredibly useful.

I have been advised that I would need deeper stitches that stay in longer if I tare / have an episiotomy / c-section. It's also possible due to HMS that anaesthetics might not be so effective, I'm waiting on an Anaesthetic review (next week) as I had DD early so missed the review last time.

If you take a look on the Hypermobility Syndrome Association forums you'll find a thread where the ladies are talking about a possible link to premature and fast labour with HMS / HEDS, (and if I recall correctly there is a section on it in the general information booklet available through heir website) the Genetic Councillor wasn't convinced by it, and it didn't worry him and therefore didn't worry my consultant, but it's possible to have cervical scans to ensure that your cervix isn't deteriorating later on in the pregnancy.

With DD I was induced due to IUGR (not linked to HMS but they're keeping an eye this time) and had ineffective but strong contractions for a few hours then went from 1cm to 10cm dilation int he time that it took someone to run a bath, so I am noted down as having had a precipitate (fast) labour.

I've been taken off all my medication, I've got some pretty serious hip issues but like you was just given the number for the physio department and have had issues with physio in the past.

I had a pretty awful birth experience with DD, not least because my chronic pain / general out of proportion pain reactions meant I was in a lot more pain than the medical team believed I could be and gas and air whilst making me a bit loopy and sleepy was pretty ineffective. I am trying Natal Hypnotherapy this time round, so can let you know how it went once I've given birth. I'm also using a tens machine (I've had mixed result with one in the past but it's better than nothing) and for ultimate 'woo woo' I'm getting a homeopathy kit. As difficult as it is with crappy joints I would advise staying active as much as possible during the early stages of labour as this will speed things up and help things progress.

sleepy2kp Mon 05-Jan-15 15:58:09

Thanks boomonster for replying. Your info is really helpful. I have my 12 wk scan and booking in apt nxt Monday nd midwife said it would be with a consultant. The list of apts she gave me says this too. I phoned hospital today and asked who I would see. I was told it was all with midwife. I am battling with a 30 yr long phobia of drs, hospitals etc which is extreme and phoning to be a bit reassured has done the opposite.
Trying to find out What may happen to try and ease my phonia a bit is only fuelling it at the mo as no one can give me any advice. Thanks again for your advice and time. I really hope evrrything goes well for you. Xx

MegRyan2013 Thu 05-Nov-15 11:19:14

Hey !
I am hypermobile smile I was diagnosed as a small child and am suffering the consequences now ;) All my problems are my hands to be honest. I struggle to do buttons, unscrew caps, that sort of thing !

I had heard some pretty awful things about being pregnant with hyper mobility so when I was trying for a baby, I saw the hospital Physio where we worked on my core muscles and stability.

At around 16 weeks I had severe pelvic pain. They gave me a support belt but it did nothing. I saw three different people who couldn't help and then finally ! someone noticed that my pelvis was uneven so told me to go see my biomechanics doctor to put a raise in one of my insoles. Worked a treat !

My midwife knew nothing about hypermobility. I had to find it all out on my own however, I was never put under Consultant Led Care.

I had to have scans a lot because they thought my baby was going to be small (under 6lb - she wasn't; more like 8lb 6oz...) and when I mentioned my hyper mobility the registrars etc were never worried. They were more annoyed that I wanted a home birth haha !

All I can say to you is go with your gut. I had an awful pregnancy but it was nothing to do with the hyper mobility. Yes, I felt like my pelvis ached and sure, I ached more than a lot of other people but it depends on how you handle pain.

I had my home birth, and I was in labour for 16 hours which included a hour pushing. I had a stage 2 tear but it took the normal amount of time to heal, with no problems. I stood a lot and rocked, which seemed to really help,

My problem was after birth. MY DD is 8 months and my stomach is still badly separated. I am going to Pilates, seeing the Physio and also under the care of a Rheumatologist. My pelvic floor isn't great (even with all the exercises) and although I am back to pre-pregnancy weight, my stomach still looks three months pregnant (from the separation).

On a note about Doctors - unless you had ELS or another significant hypermobile issue, they do not know. I'm just super bendy, and no one at my local hospital (which is classed as one of the best in the UK) or my midwife could tell me what would happen. I had to find it all out myself. A lot of the time it was just shrugged off.

Like I said. Listen to your gut. There will always be a worse case scenario, but remember. Hyper mobile people are always told they take longer to heal from stitches etc. Do you really want that when you've just had a baby? Unfortunately I have found I didn't bounce back straight after labour. It took me a long time which I think was due to the hyper mobility.

Anyway. Good luck ! Whatever you choose, it will be the best thing for you and the baby.

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