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hospital bag

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Meplusyouequals4 Sun 04-Jan-15 20:42:44

Sorry I know this has probably been done to death


I'm having a brain freeze, what do I need?

Got nappies, cotton wool, baby grows, vests, hats, mittens, cardigans and a blanket.

I've put a coat in the car seat so dh can bring that when he picks us up for coming home.

I'm due to have a planned section in 5 weeks and I just can't think what I need.

RachieS1986 Sun 04-Jan-15 21:04:29

Nightdresses or very lose pyjammas for you toiletries including maternity pads breast pads underwear and clothes to come home in. X

Artandco Sun 04-Jan-15 21:07:13

You shouldn't put baby in coat in a car seat as in a car crash baby won't be strapped in tight enough as coat compresses. Sorry. Would leave the coat at home. Just at hat and cardigan, then strap baby in, then add blanket over top of straps if cold

Meplusyouequals4 Sun 04-Jan-15 21:10:22

Thanks rachie

It's not really a coat more like a thicker Cardigan, you know the wool ones from nest with the cotton lining.
Sorry I should have started.

Annbag Sun 04-Jan-15 21:12:12

If you are having a section bring big pants that go up to your belly button and clothes that won't rub on the scar. A sports water bottle is great because then you can drink if all the midwives are too busy and you can't get up to get water.
Breast pads, nursing bra, bottles, formula (basically stuff for whichever way you're feeding)
Toiletries for you - mini ones borrowed from hotels don't take up much space

Meplusyouequals4 Sun 04-Jan-15 21:18:45

Thanks annbag
I take my filter water bottle with me Everywhere so thanks for the reminder. Do you mean the big granny size knickers? I'm planning on breast feeding so that's simple to sort. I've got some of those travel bottle things yano the ones where you fill them up with your own stuff is that the kind of thing you mean? (I've got very very sensitive skin)

What about towels? Do I need one for me and one for baby?

Annbag Sun 04-Jan-15 21:23:05

Yep, just whatever you need for having a shower, cleaning teeth etc. I forgot about a towel! I'd recommend an old one as it might get, ahem, messed up.

CakeMakesMeHappy Sun 04-Jan-15 21:26:16

Not baby related but spare phone charger and snacks!! smile

Meplusyouequals4 Sun 04-Jan-15 21:28:07

Thanks annbag

cakes I'll take my charging brick that way I can't be told off for charging my phone as it doesn't use their electric

Memphisbelly Sun 04-Jan-15 21:34:40

Thick socks as your feet can get really cold during/after labour. Couple of carrier bags to put dirty washing in, dark/old towel for yourself, flip flops or slippers? I am taking flip flops as then I dan shower in them if it a bit dirty in shower.
I have also packed some cereal bars as last time I was starving and had nothing to eat until I got on ward (it really wasn't very long but I could have eaten a horse)
Maternity pads and breast pads.

Meplusyouequals4 Sun 04-Jan-15 21:37:33

Memphis dh already has orders for what food I want bringing everyday I'll do an online shop a few days before to make sure he has everything I want. (I'm super fussy and allergic to a lot so need to be careful)

Flip flops sound like a brilliant idea thanks

milkysmum Sun 04-Jan-15 21:38:00

Flip flops for in the shower at hospital! Snacks, kindle/ book, really big knickers and loose clothes, massive pads

Cullercoats88 Sun 04-Jan-15 22:44:44

A pillow (my hospital only supplies one thin measly pillow)

Tranquilitybaby Sun 04-Jan-15 22:56:57

Big comfy knickers.
Sonething loose and comfy to come home in. Loose nightie
Matwrnity pads
Breast pads
Lip balm
Peppermint tea (for the trapped wind)
Hair bobbles

Meplusyouequals4 Mon 05-Jan-15 07:31:53

Thanks everyone.

I'm going to go and get the things I don't have today and get it ready. With all the things I need should I use a holdall that has wheels?

The ward is a good 10 min walk to the car park and im thinking of DH's back carrying a bag and baby. This way I could pull it if I'm up to it. If not make it easier for DH

Cullercoats88 Mon 05-Jan-15 08:20:35

Im taking a small suitcase with wheels for me and a changing bag for baby. The changing bag attaches to suitcase so should my OH not be here, it's not too heavy for me to lift x

Ridingthestorm Mon 05-Jan-15 09:00:50

For you:
3 x nightdresses/loose PJs (c sections generally mean you are in 2/3 days)
2 x packs of M&S granny knickers (£5 per pack)
Slim fit maternity pads (boots do a good own brand)
Breast pads
3 x Nursing bras
Going home outfit (make sure loose, fits over scar, preferably maternity)
Toiletries (the norm - brush, hair and body, teeth, deodorant)
Mobile phone & charger
Ipad/iPod, kindle/books, and magazines (for entertainment purposes)
Snacks & bottled water (if your hospital doesn't provide snacks and if health care assistants are too busy to fill your water jug)

For baby:
5 x vests (mixture of tiny, newborn and 0-3mths - you never know baby's size!)
5 x sleep suits/baby gros (as above)
3 x hats
1 x cardigan (hospitals are tropical!)
1 x going home outfit (optional or just use sleep suit)
2 x blankets (will also do for car seat too)
Nappies and cotton wool for cleaning little bottoms!

Miffyonline Mon 05-Jan-15 10:39:54

Take some baby wipes as well (we use huggies pure). Trust me, you don't want to be faffing around with cotton wool for long! :-). Also, make sure you have some magazines or music with you...

WhyOWhyWouldYou Mon 05-Jan-15 11:13:46

I was told to take a separate little ziplock "theater" bag with 1nappy, 1 vest, 1 sleepsuit, 1 wooly hat and mitts (apparently theater really can be that cold!!), and a cardigan. (I've put a newborn and 0-3 vest and sleepsuit).

Then I've got an overnight bag for baby - with 8nappies, wipes, sacks, teddy, 4 sleepsuits and vests in both newborn and 0-3, cotton hats x2, scratch mitts x2, muslin x1.

A bag for me with all the usual toiletries, 10x giant m&s granny pants in two sizes too big, just to make sure they are no where near scar, socks x2, nursing bras x2, 4breast pads (already leaking intermittently), 10x maternity pads, carrier bags for dirty laundry, 2-3 pairs of joggers & t-shirts (i dont like nighties or PJs). I'm undecided between crocs and slippers. Also taking peppermint capsules and Rennie deflatine (heard the trapped wind after csection is agony), snacks and drinks (last time I couldn't even get a plastic/polystyrene cup off them to fill myself, never mind a jug of water), phone and charger, pen and note pad. Oh and of course my maternity notes will be added.

I've then done a carrier bag to be left in car, alongside car seat and blanket which has more sleepsuits and vests, 16 nappies split into little sandwhich bags of 8 to make it easy for DH to bring in 24hrs worth at a time, 20x maternity pads and 2 more muslins.

Tbh I've found a normal sized holdall massive for what im taking (even though what I'm taking sounds a lot). I'm taking a small change bag (the boots free one) for baby and a backpack for me.

Meplusyouequals4 Mon 05-Jan-15 11:51:12

I'm having my section at 8am. And DH wants to dress baby so he can do that once we are out of theatre. They said they will wrap baby up in a blanket till then.

I've got a holdall that's not huge but has a pull out handle so I'm going to use that. Bought it earlier this year for a weekend away for me and DH.

ive been out this morning and got some stuff for me. I got lounge pants and im going to wear some of my big shirts (DH's shirts he doesn't wear) rather than pj's, a few of them cover my bum so when I'm in bed I could just wear them.

DH is really on on the ball with what things are so if I need anything he will know what I'm asking for. This is our second. smile

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