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Vbac or another c-section?

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Shootingstar2289 Sun 04-Jan-15 19:15:09

I'm 13 weeks with my second child. With my first who is 4 I went 10 days overdue. I went to be induced using the pessary for 24 hours then waters broke, hormone drip etc etc but it failed badly. I was induced on noon on a Wednesday and by 3am Froday morning I was barely 2cm dilated and had a c-section. I've always been adamant when I had another child I want a natural. However I'm not sure anymore.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation to this? My midwife told me I won't be seeing a consultant until March as very busy in the local area and I guess I'm not a priority compared to some with health issues etc

What will happen at the consultant appointment? Will they prefer me to have an elective c-section or a vbac.

I understand recovery is better after a natural but I'm not sure I want to go overdue and be induced again for it to fail and a rushed section.

Would they even induce me again after it failing previously?

Any advice?

JessieFaye Sun 04-Jan-15 19:24:22

My labour was identical almost except I went in at 37+3 and had him 2 days later due to my waters going slowly. My personal opinion is if you didn't want to try for a natural birth you'd know by now and be adamant and you obviously arnt. I say let your body do what it wants to do and if closer to 37 weeks you feel like your ready and babys ready you'll know if you want to change your mind. Best of luck chick x

Newmom2b Sun 04-Jan-15 22:39:05

Its such a tough decision to make isn't it. They will give you all the facts and figures at your consultant appt and then you will need to decide by 36 weeks so you have plenty of time. I'm going for a vbac, due in 2 weeks, the advantage for me of a vbac is the recovery when you already have a toddler! Although I must add that I had a elcs first time round for breech so haven't actually laboured before unlike you. Only you can make the choice and whatever you decide it will be the best for you

Mrsgrumble Sun 04-Jan-15 22:42:06

I was in a similar position. They said If I go for vbac I wouldn't be induced.

I weighed up everything and went for elcs - my choice completely and happy and well recovered (4 weeks) much quicker recovery though not easy.

Mrsgrumble Sun 04-Jan-15 22:42:59

I have a 15 month old who doesn't walk yet and lots of stairs but dh took leave for a month.

notmuchofaclue Sun 04-Jan-15 23:01:26

I had an emergency cs with my first after a failed induction. It was horrific as I went through hours of labour, no sleep and then a very rushed cs at the end. I was really torn about what to do this time round due to the recovery time etc., but I did a lot of research and I had about a 40% chance of a natural birth ending in another emergency cs, and I just wasn't prepared to take that risk again. At the consultant appointment she said it was entirely my choice and presented the pros and cons of each. No pressure to try for a VBAC at all. It's personal choice at the end of the day, but I felt like I'd gotten off to the worst possible start last time, and I just don't want to put myself, OH and this baby through the same again.

paddyclampo Sun 04-Jan-15 23:15:42

I found it easier to get over my C section than I did a "natural" birth of a big baby ending in a forceps delivery!

A lot of people say that the recovery from a planned C section is much quicker than that of an emergency.

DarylDixonsDarlin Sun 04-Jan-15 23:29:58

I attempted a vbac with my second baby which ended in another emergency section - but I'm glad I gave my body a chance to labour, as I'd had no labour at all the first time, it was straight to section due to reduced movements and a suspicious trace on monitoring.

With the second despite going into labour naturally, it still didn't go quite right - my waters broke at 40+1 and contractions started slowly, then tailed off to one every 20 minutes for over 24 hours, so I was given a drip to help things along. It progressed slowly and then baby was becoming unhappy during contractions, not willing to risk any problems after the scare of the first birth I asked them to stop and take me straight to theatre for a section.

So what I'm saying essentially is, if you try for a vbac, and it ends in another section, its not necessarily the worst thing in the world. Third time round, I opted for elective section!

Imo, consultant will probably encourage you to try for a vaginal birth this time round, but wont be surprised or try to put you off if you decide on an elective smile

Number3cometome Mon 05-Jan-15 09:17:43

My first was an emergency C-section under a general anaesthetic as I had eclamptic fits during the pushing stages of labour. I had already been in labour for 30 hours and was devastated not to have done it naturally (although spending a week in ITU made me glad to be alive!)

With DC2 I planned for a VBAC, but was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia around 26 weeks. I was on medication and had her at 38 weeks by c-section as a VBAC was a high risk. I had my c-section under a spinal (no lumbar discs so cannot have epidural)

I am currently 11+2 with DC3, I am on meds for BP and have been told I will very likely be needing a CS under a general again as I now have a spinal fusion. I would like a VBAC but am happy with another c-section as last time I was home in 2 days and walking baby over the park.

The recovery for my planned section was far shorter than with the emergency one, so weighing up my own options, I would say the planned c-section was better.

couldbeanyone Mon 05-Jan-15 09:46:52

Hi I had an EMCS last time round for different reasons to you. My consultant appointment was at around 18 weeks (actually with a senior/consultant midwife) who said it was my choice as to vbac or not and I could change my mind whenever I wanted. I've chosen an elcs. They went through all the scenarios eg labour starting before CS date and explained risks/benefits of each - basically making sure I had all the facts. Then I will have a consultant appt at 36 weeks when they will do pre op stuff like consent forms and book me in for CS. I can still go with a vbac if I change my mind (I won't!).


couldbeanyone Mon 05-Jan-15 09:48:14

Oh also they discussed induction - more risky due to scar rupture so the furthest they would go in this regard apparently is a sweep and or breaking waters iirc.

Number3cometome Mon 05-Jan-15 09:48:22

BTW - what happens if you do go in to labour before your CS date?

Last time I was booked in for 38 weeks, I was having twinges the morning of my CS (although the nurse said could just be BH's)

I had DC1 on his due date, so chances are could be early.

That is my main worry!

I am seeing the consultant on the 02/02

couldbeanyone Mon 05-Jan-15 12:42:46

Number3 - I've been told that if I go into labour get myself to hospital ASAP and they will do an EMCS then unless so far along that baby is too far down to do one. Just hope I don't go into labour before CS date!

Number3cometome Mon 05-Jan-15 12:46:41

Someone else said to me about the baby being too far down, but with my DS I was 10cm and pushing and they still did an energency c-section?

(Mind you, that was the only way as I was having seizures so no longer in the land of the living!)

DarylDixonsDarlin Mon 05-Jan-15 14:00:21

I was told to just go in if I was in labour and they would do a quick section. (this was on no.3, an elective). I didn't worry too much about it as I thought it fairly unlikely.

Number3 my friend was at 10cm and pushing and she still had an emergency section, so like you found, it is possible. I don't know the exact technicalities of it though smile

Number3cometome Mon 05-Jan-15 14:01:22

I guess as long as the head isn't showing shock

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