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Possibly pregnant on implant! Opinions please?

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JessieFaye Sun 04-Jan-15 18:59:17

To begin, my partner and I are planning on TTC soon anyway but, lately I have felt movement in my tummy, had shooting pains from down below, sore itchy breasts, felt extra hungry, very tired, sensitive to smells and today I have had white colostrum type stuff come from my nipples and had a nose bleed (something which only ever happened when I was pregnant with my son Alfie (10&1/2 months).. I have a Dr app for tuesday to get my implant out to TTC but wonder whether I should ask for blood test to see if i am pregnant already. Home tests are all neg, have been testing for approx 4 weeks.
Opinions and advice ladies?smile

PregnantAndEngaged Sun 04-Jan-15 19:05:57

There is no harm in asking given that you are experiencing lots of very common pregnancy symptoms. Although it could just be hormones from the implant because hormone contraceptions make your body act like it is already pregnant... though I'm not sure if it would necessarily do it to this extent e.g. leaking breasts etc. Definitely worth speaking to your doctor about and putting your mind at rest if you are getting negative pregnancy tests.

JessieFaye Sun 04-Jan-15 19:13:55

Forgot to mention I am constantly on the toilet and also have a little bit of thrush, something I remember having when I was pregnant with Alfie. I'm so so so impatient. If i am I want to know now and if I'm not I want to get pregnant now... If only there was an Dr app haha!

professornangnang Sun 04-Jan-15 20:48:41

I had pregnancy symptoms when I was on the implant too, to the extent that I was convinced I was and POAS on holiday. However, it's the hormones in the implant mimicking pregnancy. I got it out after that because it was making me crazy. I then got pregnant a few months after getting it out.

professornangnang Sun 04-Jan-15 20:49:58

My advice is to make an appt to get it out so you can start to ttc asap.

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