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Antenatal classes

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PregnantAndEngaged Sun 04-Jan-15 18:57:47

I'm thinking about looking into antenatal classes now which I want to start in April time (baby due in June). I'm planning ahead because courses get booked up quick in my area.

I'm looking into private courses and the main ones I found are NCT signature course and Parentskool Birth'n'baby class. I'm not sure what I'm looking out for really. My fiance thinks the parentskool one sounds better because it focuses a lot on after the birth as well, but I'm obviously nervous about labour/breastfeeding (which he probably doesn't fully understand) therefore I want the course to be in-depth on this too.

Alternatively should I do two separate classes, one on birthing (e.g. a hypnobirthing class) and one on parenting?

skyra13 Sun 04-Jan-15 19:50:03

I'm taking the NHS ones and the midwife actually booked me into them, they also do an early learning one about what to do after the birth and things, I think both will cover pretty much all need to know.
I'd like to do the NCT ones but for the money I am probably going to be told the same things as the NHS ones.

sleepybee Mon 05-Jan-15 10:28:38

I'm doing the NHS couples classes with my husband, NHS breast feeding workshop & I go to a antenatal yoga/hypnobirth class which is good for learning breathing & relaxation techniques

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