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nursery glider chairs

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NinjaPanda34 Sun 04-Jan-15 15:45:22

Has anyone found replacement cushions for these anywhere? (I think it's a cosatto one?) We got one off gumtree, but there are a couple of frayed edges/ thin bits. Can you buy replacement covers? Can they be machine washed?
Thanks smile

madasacatter Sun 04-Jan-15 17:07:52

Sorry I can't help, but I have the same question and hope you get an answer smile

WorryWurta Sun 04-Jan-15 17:09:07

I got one a wooden glider freecycle where all the cushions were wrecked-I mean properly rotten. I couldn't find any replacement cushions, but I did find cushion covers on ebay. I can't remember what brand mine is, think it began with a 'h' ? What we did though was completely strip off all the cushions, steam clean the whole thing really well, polish up the wood and then I've put vintage blankets and cushions over it, looks quite swish.

TedGlen Sun 04-Jan-15 17:27:44

Places like Dunelm Mill sell foam that you can cut to shape, then you can make covers or cover it with a blanket.

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