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Abdominal pain

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PretzelPrincess Sun 04-Jan-15 11:32:57

I'm 19 weeks and since yesterday have had really bad abdo pain. My stomach feels like it is cramping/tightening and is just plain uncomfortable. I took a couple of oain killers last night(co codamol) which eased it for a short while. But not it's back!
It feels like a cross between wind/ibs pain/period pain. I have no idea what it is. Anyone had anything similar?
DH wants to take me to MAU but if like to avoid a trip if possible.
I can feel baby moving though.

leanne963 Sun 04-Jan-15 11:49:42

I have had this since about 12 weeks and I am 20 weeks today! I think it's just round ligament pain where your body is just growing! I get the worst stitches is i sneeze or move too fast! I also have a niggling period type pain/constipation pain if I do too much and my abdomen gets stressed. I've had no concerns as it seems pretty normal but if you are worried then speak to your midwife!

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