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Which Pram??

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rosellab Sun 04-Jan-15 11:07:09

I'm a FTM with baby due in June. Popped to babies r us yesterday & was slightly overwhelmed by choice of prams & accessorises.

I know it's bad to leave baby in car seat too long so thought I needed a travel system with whole pram, car seat and buggy seat, but can as its a June baby can I get away with, and Is there such a pram that is just buggy & car seat system suitable from birth or do I need three seperate things!

Artandco Sun 04-Jan-15 11:12:04

You can just get a pram without a carrycot as long as the main seat lies fully flat.

It also doesn't need to be car seat compatible really unless you feel the need. It's just as easy to lift baby out car into pram, or pop baby in a sling if going in somewhere quickly. Then you could save on car seat costs as could by a 0-4 year rear facing car seat ( these stay fixed in car)

If you need to go in and out of the car lots, or on public transport then look at one that folds in one piece and not huge ( some you have to take seat off first before you fold)

leanne963 Sun 04-Jan-15 11:12:33

I have been looking at three different prams....I don't have unlimited funds so I did have a budget. I found the maxi cosi elea, the mini city jogger and the Graco Evo all had good reviews. I think I am edging towards the graco though smile

skyra13 Sun 04-Jan-15 11:25:29

I know mothercare own,default,pd.html Can be used from birth no need for a carry cot.
I ended up going for a Brittax in the end as I need something for country side walks does come with carrycot but worth looking into. You will end up getting baby out the car seat within in 2 hours anyway for feeds smile
Hope this helps.

Eminybob Sun 04-Jan-15 11:36:16

I have a mamas and papas zoom which has carrycot, car seat and pushchair and it costs £299. You can get the package without the carrycot for £229 I think.

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Sun 04-Jan-15 11:53:39

The questions you need to answer are
Where are you going to be using it most so start with wheels
4 wheels, 3 wheels, blow up tyres, solid wheels
Depends on if you use it on nice smooth pavements all the time or out walking
Size, space in your car and in your house and getting in and out shops
Height of handle so how tall whoever pushing it is
How easy is is to fold and lift or carry
I have a mutsy evo
It has a carry cot and you can put a car seat on it if you want (but I never did)
It's parent and world facing, and lies flat in pushchair mode.
The handle has different heights,dh is 6 ft 4, I'm 5 ft 7,
it has a leather handle not foam or plastic.
No hooks for bags but not bad size basket underneath
It has 4 wheels but in a triangular shop so goes round shops well and fits in all doors and pushes really easily, it's quite light and fits easily in the car. It folds with 2 hands
I generally used a sling for in and out the car into shops but a pushchair for longer trips or if I would have lots of bags.
I now use an umbrella stroller and ds is only 17months, but could use the mutsy now if i wanted too, the stroller I have has bouncier tyres for out walking in rough ground thou.
Hope this helps

tortoisesarefab Sun 04-Jan-15 12:06:29

If you want a buggy/ car seat system that you can use from birth then I would go for the baby jogger city mini. It ticks all your boxes, has a fab, massive good to keep the sun off in summer and a large shopping basket plus folds down very easily and has a large, roomy seat that my almost 3 year old can still comfortably fit in

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