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Worried mum to be!

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Nshark Sun 04-Jan-15 08:44:25


I never post on here as more of a reader but I'm after some advice please.

I'm around 10 weeks pregnant (due to my calcs, not had scan yet) and I'm worrying myself silly.

Didn't think I was pregnant and drank quite a few coffees and alcoholic drinks in the first couple of weeks, which I spoke to midwife about and she told me not to worry. I also spent a weekend in hospital with my daughter (not knowing I was pregnant) which was extremely stressful due to worry and lack of sleep. Then about 6 weeks I went on a twister fairground ride with my daughter and it was only when it set off then I saw the sign saying no pregnant women! Spent the evening googling and trying to find out what the effects would be... Had quite a few pains in tummy for 24 hours.

Now I've just discovered you shouldn't take Berocca at the same time as Pregnancy vitamins... Something I have been doing for last couple of weeks.

Dont feel like I'm giving baby the best start in life already!!!

Has anyone any advice on berocca and pregnacare?

Any info would be a great help


PenguinPoser Sun 04-Jan-15 17:18:21

Really doubt that any of this will have done baby any harm, alcohol and caffeine in the early weeks is common when people don't know they are pregnant and would have to be very excessive to cause problems.

In terms of the vitamins - it's just that you don't need that much, won't have done any harm have just checked what's in berocca and it doesn't look like anything you shouldn't have in pregnancy - just the pregnacare will have it all plus more so no point taking both. Seriously doubt any adverse effects would come from this. Try not to worry :-)

FayeFruitLoop Sun 04-Jan-15 17:25:37

Try not to worry. Fact is that most women don't know they're pregnant straight away so don't behave as if they are. I was the worlds biggest worrier when pregnant however I drank like a fish in those first weeks, ate soft cheese etc and partied hard (was new year) my child is fine. Most are. The worry is when women drink regularly throughout the pregnancy, an accumulative effect I think.

You may be 10 weeks but they always add on 2 weeks so that's only actually 8 weeks. If you saw a scan at 6 weeks it's possible but not always the case that there would have even been a heartbeat yet. There was really hardly anything there to do damage to other than some cells starting to multiply.

The 12 week scan is around the corner and you will be reassured I hope

Nshark Sun 04-Jan-15 21:11:07

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond to my message. It's reassuring to read some nice feedback to try and put my mind at rest.

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