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Return of the 'morning sickness'

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pillowaddict Sat 03-Jan-15 21:20:20

I've got 5 weeks to go and a couple of weeks ago the dreaded nausea returned, last week turning into vomiting. Now I'm being sick after most meals, and am beginning to get really sensitive to cooking smells etc. again. I do vaguely remember this from dd1 but it seems so much worse this time and I just feel rotten! I'm so big anyway, and the baby is pressing right down on my bladder which results in me having 'leakage' when I'm being sick blush I'm back to work next week for four weeks, as I'm working right up until the week before this time. With dd1 I finished a month before due date, so I don't remember being so miserable. How am I going to cope at work with the sickness and potential incontinence?! Not to mention the general aches and crippling lower back and groin pain. I'm sorry, I'm really just having a moan, and feeling sorry for myself! Hope others that are nearly due are having a better time of it.

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