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Positive stories of those with a BFN who go onto a BFP..

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goingmad2014 Sat 03-Jan-15 05:40:07

I am in need of reassurance..
Came off my pill in the summer - not actively or trying to avoid conceiving.. just trying to let nature takes its course?
LMP was 27th November - my cycles are still a little hit and miss... but in the last 10 - 12 days I have had lower cramping, bloating, sore and huge boobs, nausea that has just got worse and worse. My Temperature is also slightly raised, from 36.6 to 37.5.
In the last 5 days I have started to show brown discharge when I wipe along side some mild cramping that is very much on and off...
In the past, I have always had brown discharge, but at the end of my period, never at the beginning. Also, I would usually get about an hours worth of cramps and then I would come on - but nothing and its been going on for days!
I have tested and BFN - But im known to not show until I am 8 weeks + ...

Anyone else experience this sort of thing and go onto to get their BFP... I just wanna know either way sad

divafever24 Sat 03-Jan-15 20:47:39

I did a test on the 18/12 it was negative. Re-tested on the 24/12 as had early pregnancy symptoms and it was positive. Saw midwife yesterday she thinks I am 7 weeks pregnant. Maybe try testing again in a few days?

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