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Bleeding in early pregnancy - does it often end well?

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Notamumyet81 Fri 02-Jan-15 20:39:35

Hi All,

This is my first time on Mumsnet - I hope you are all well!

I'm looking for other mumsnetter's experiences of bleeding in early pregnancy.

As a bit of background, my first pregnancy ended at the end of October at 11.5 weeks in a fairly traumatic incomplete miscarriage (I ended up in a lot of pain, being rushed to a&e and having an emergency ERPC at 3am to stop the bleeding, followed by a couple of nights in hospital and a month off work).

Anyway, I recovered fairly quickly, had a normal period at the end of November, and by the beginning of December my iron levels were back up to normal so my husband and I started trying again.

I took a pregnancy test on the 29th December on day 30 of my cycle - my period was due around then, or a day or so later - and I got a strong positive. I say 'strong' because the + was much darker than the test I took last time I was pregnant, but it might be irrelevant.

Anyway, the very next day I started to get a bit of brown discharge. My heart sank as this is how my last miscarriage started. I really wished I hadn't taken the test so early as if I hadn't known I had conceived I would just have thought this was my period. The brown discharge turned pinky, and then even a little more red (just enough to create a 'line' in one pantyliner over the course of the day). I was fully expecting it to turn into a normal period, and for the pain to start as it did with my previous miscarriage. But instead the discharge became pink again and then stopped. I was spotting for about 24-36 hours in total between the 30th-31st.

I took a digital pregnancy test on the evening of the 31st. I know that it would still show pregnant at that stage even if I was losing the pregnancy, but I knew that it was 2 weeks since I ovulated so I wanted to see if it said 1-2 weeks pregnant, which would suggest the hcg levels weren't so high, or 2-3 weeks pregnant. It came out positive and 2-3 weeks pregnant.

I've not had any further spotting over the past 2 days and I do 'feel' pregnant - my boobs hurt and I have nausea like I had last time. I'm hoping it might just have been a bit of 'breakthough bleeding'. However I don't want to get my hopes up. I know all I can really do is wait patiently and go to the doctors when they re-open next week to get my bloods checked. It is very early days but I was really hoping not to have another miscarriage (as does everyone I'm sure).

But in the meantime I just wondered what other people's experiences have been of bleeding early in pregnancy... does it often end well?

Thanks so much in advance for your replies!

Iggi999 Fri 02-Jan-15 20:44:09

My experience is mixed but I think it's realistic - I've had bleeding in early pg 6 times, of which 4 of those sadly were mcs, but 2 were my two healthy dcs, so I really think it isn't enough on it's own to tell you anything... Sorry, it's awful waiting.
I would say my last pg gave me a much stronger hpt line than the ones I lost, so maybe you can be encouraged by that?

leanne963 Fri 02-Jan-15 20:47:40

I am so sorry for your loss not I empathise with you as I too MC earlier this year and had spotting throughout that pregnancy. I am now pregnant again, I have had brown, red, pink spotting on several different occasions in this pregnancy yet everything is fine and I am nearly 20 weeks!! I can completely understand yours worries though!!!

All the best and I hope this pregnancy is the 'one' x

LIG1979 Fri 02-Jan-15 20:57:57

I have had spotting in all of my 4 pregnancies - 2 resulted in mcs, 1 in my dd and I am currently 25 weeks pregnant.

One of my mcs was very early and the spotting very quickly went to bleeding and never got to 2-3 on the conception indicators.

I would say 2-3 is quite promising that your hcg levels are rising rather than falling.

I hope it works out for you. It is a horrible thing to go through.

MB34 Fri 02-Jan-15 20:58:27

I got a positive last Feb when I would have been 3+2 (according to LMP-I have short cycles!), the next day I had pinky/brown spotting which lasted a few hours. 10 week old DS is now asleep, snuggled in my armpit.
Sorry about your mc, I hope this one turns out to be good news for you.

findingherfeet Fri 02-Jan-15 21:01:19

I had two episodes of bleeding in my first pregnancy, at 8 and 12 weeks...all absolutely fine with my little girl.

Good luck.

BalancingStick Fri 02-Jan-15 21:01:37

I also had a miscarriage in September and am now 8 weeks pregnant. I had heavy bleeding at 5 weeks and again at 6 weeks - I was diagnosed with a blood clot in the uterus. Its not normal or common but not extremely rare either... I went to an early pregnancy unit at a local hospital (many accept self referrals) and they were happy to scan me both times. I am finding these early weeks difficult - every little twinge, every time my symptoms ease up I panic. However because of the blood clot they told me that bleeding (in this case) is normal and to be expected. I've had some spotting since the last scan and am due back for another at 10 weeks.

Ultimately - in early pregnancy there isn't much they can do about bleeding but I find the scans reassuring. It is horrible all the uncertainty. Really hope that this one works out for you x

BlackbirdOnTheWire Fri 02-Jan-15 21:02:27

Bleeding in pregnancy x5. MC x3, DC x2 (bleeding throughout pregnancy, in both cases, 1 subchorionic haematoma, 1 unexplained).

couldbeanyone Fri 02-Jan-15 21:54:40

Hi I had bleeding up to week 13-14 or so and am now 24 weeks, no reason found for bleeding but baby is fine

Notamumyet81 Fri 02-Jan-15 22:40:40

Thank you so much for all the responses - I really appreciate you taking the time to write.

Sorry for all of your miscarriages, but the fact that so many of you have had spotting/bleeding and gone on to have successful/continuing pregnancies too gives me hope. It actually brought a tear to my eye reading of the positive outcomes.

It's just a waiting game at the moment to see what way this goes, which is difficult but unavoidable. Balancingstick - I'm exactly the same with worrying about every little twinge, any easing up of symptoms etc! I was the same the last time I was pregnant. I'm sure all the anxiety can't be helping - my husband has very helpfully pointed out that worrying won't help anything, and therefore I should stop worrying! He is quite right, but if only it were that easy ...

I'll be 5 weeks tomorrow and when I left hospital in October they told me the EPU would start scanning me from 6 weeks if I was pregnant again. So will definitely take them up on that in a week or two, if the pregnancy is still holding on.

Good luck to all of you and thanks again!

lageo Fri 02-Jan-15 23:10:37

Hi Not,
I was just going to write a very similar post when I found yours. I'm also 5 weeks pregnant and had a heavy bleed this evening. I will be 6 weeks on Sunday so have an appointment with EPU on Monday morning. Bleed has subsided slightly and digital test only says 1-2 weeks. I'm not holding out much hope for me but at least it sounds like your HCG is rising. Don't know how I'll get through this weekend sad. Best of luck to you, x

Besmonetha Fri 02-Jan-15 23:20:25

Hello Not,

I had bleeding during all trimesters and now I have a huge 9 month old boy. I did have placenta previa which needed close monitoring, but that's why we have hospitals.

Talk to DAU or phone midwide now. It's most likely nothing, but if it's not checked out you can't get care or support.


magicpixie Fri 02-Jan-15 23:29:14

I've had bleeding that turned out to be ok, and bleeding that didn't turn out to be ok

been to the hospital several times over this
and they say 50% of pregnancy with bleeding continue

so it really is 50/50 imo and ime

best of luck to you

Notamumyet81 Fri 02-Jan-15 23:32:10

Oh no lageo - I'm so sorry you are going through this tonight, it is a worrying time! It's also sods law that these things happen at the start of the weekend as well as you have to wait until the start of the week to be seen by EPU. When I had my miscarriage in October the spotting started on a Saturday and EPU didn't make me an appointment for a scan until the Tuesday morning as I wasn't in any pain initially (unfortunately by the Monday night I was passing hand-sized blood clots and had to be whizzed to A&E, so it was a bit too late for a scan).

I think all you can do over the weekend is try to take it easy and be kind to yourself. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you - some of the other posters on here seem to have had large bleeds early on and continuing pregnancies, so I don't think all hope is lost.

Please let me know how you get on on Monday and I'll keep you updated too ...

Best wishes,

coastergirl Sat 03-Jan-15 02:12:19

I had implantation bleeding, then spotting pretty much throughout the first trimester. On a couple of occasions it was heavy enough that I was convinced I was miscarrying. I was scanned twice at the EPU, once at 5-6 weeks and once at 8-9 weeks. Everything has been fine, and we were lucky enough that there was a visible heartbeat even at the first scan. They said I am just one of those women who bleeds during pregnancy. The last time I had any major spotting was about 10 weeks I think, although I also had a tiny bit at just before 20 weeks. I'm now 29 weeks and the pregnancy is very healthy. Good luck!

lageo Sat 03-Jan-15 04:19:26

Thanks Not, you're very kind. Being kept awake with cramps so really not feeling very positive at all. Keeping everything crossed for you too and really appreciate hearing about all the other experiences too. Will.let you know, x

BlueStarsAtNight Sat 03-Jan-15 08:57:49

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both of you Not and Iago.

I'm similar to most of the others who've posted, I had quite a bit of spotting in my first pregnancy which have me DS, and then again in my second pregnancy which was due to a subchorionic hematoma, and sadly ended at about 10 weeks, and I'm now 30 weeks pregnant again and have had red spotting at 6 and 20 weeks. I think it's common to get a bit of spotting when your period is due, so hopefully that's what it is for you.

gameoverat35 Sat 03-Jan-15 09:43:21

I had brown spotting with first pregnancy at week 5 or 6. It took us so long to conceive that I thought it was the beginning of the end but it turned out OK. I also had more pink spotting through the second trimester of that pregnancy. The pregnancy was fine and I had a healthy daughter.
I am currently 13 weeks pregnant with number 2 and had a lot more brown (rust coloured) spotting this time, on and off through weeks 5-6. I don't know how this pregnancy is going to go & not had the "12 week" scan yet, I'm also now into a fifth day of being bed (and toilet) ridden with food poisoning. I'm obviously worried.
Either way, brown spotting can be completely fine as my first pregnancy proves. Keeping fingers crossed it's all OK for you.

Notamumyet81 Sat 03-Jan-15 10:59:32

Thanks for the responses and crossed fingers. It's so heartening to hear positive stories.

Lageo - sorry to hear you had an uncomfortable night. How are you feeling this morning?

ChickenMe Sat 03-Jan-15 12:11:58

Hi I'm sorry you've had bleeding. I hope it works out ok for you.
I had spotting at 6weeks and a heavy bleed at 13-14 weeks which landed me in hospital twice. I had huge clots and flooding. It was terrifying. It lasted for ten days (lessening in severity). Anyway, three scans later, no reason was found and I am still pregnant (27w).
It can go either way. I know when I went through it it did help me to read positive stories.

DanyStormborn Sat 03-Jan-15 12:42:37

I've had bleeding in early pregnancy and am now 31 weeks. So for me it was okay. I know others who have experienced early bleeding and it seems a fairly even split those it was okay for and those who sadly miscarried. I hope it is okay for you this time.

lageo Sat 03-Jan-15 13:38:34

Hi Not, I'm much the same thanks for asking. How are you?

Bleeding isn't that heavy but lots of clots. Having period like cramps and feeling generally rotten. It does seem mixed for everyone - like a horrible lottery sad. Hope you're doing ok and have some support. Thanks for everyone for sharing their stories, x

Cirsium Sat 03-Jan-15 13:53:11

I had a mmc in March 2013 with one occasion of a tiny amount of spotting at around 6/7 wks which the Dr and midwife told me not to worry about. We found out the baby had died at the 12 wk scan and I miscarried at home a few days later, from the age of the foetus I beleive the spotting was around the time it died.

I am now 35 wks pregnant and had lots of spotting throughout the first trimester. A early scan at 8.5wks showed a healthy baby with a strong heartbeat and I had weekly hgc tests for reassurance until after my 12 wk scan.

Really hope everything goes well for you.

jmojo Sat 03-Jan-15 14:27:54

I saw this thread and just wanted to add a positive story. I bled every week from 4 - 10 weeks. Just for a couple of days a week. It was spotting red/brown in colour like the start of a period, and I had cramp on the first 2 episodes (scary). I just took rest and tried to not think about it as I figured there is very little that can be done at that stage and I would just have to cross my fingers. I would have gone for a scan but each time it settled down and it was never heavy or fresh red in colour. I bought a sonicaid to hear the heartbeat at 10 weeks, and it was there!! My doctor did my nuchal scan & bloods a few days ago and all was well. Placenta looks good no obvious reason for spotting. Fingers crossed for all of you in a similar position.

Lageo hope things are settling down as the day goes on. Good luck on Monday.

Notamumyet81 Sat 03-Jan-15 19:25:02

Thanks again everyone for sharing your experiences. It's really helpful to read the positive stories, although I do know that it could go either way.

Lageo - I'm so sorry you are feeling rotten. I really hope you are managing to take it easy. Only one more day to get through until you can get to EPU on Monday morning to see what's going on...

I'm doing OK, I haven't had any more spotting since it stopped on new years eve. Although I'm nervous every time I go to the loo. Getting a bit paranoid I think - last night I could have sworn my jeans were wet with blood, but when I checked there was nothing! Boobs are still sore and still have nausea. Really just trying to keep my mind off it and take things easy.

Like jmojo said there isn't much can be done at this stage except rest and keep our fingers crossed. If the pregnancy continues it's going to be a very long and anxious couple of months (that is assuming some of the worry will die down by the second trimester, which it might not!).

My plan is to wait a couple more days, take another pregnancy test, then get an appointment with my GP when the surgery opens again next week. I should be able to get an early scan at EPU from the following week, which I will definitely do if the pregnancy seems to be continuing and will be there as often as they'll take me from then onwards!

best of luck to everyone currently in the same situation smile

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