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weight gain

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nataliekristin Fri 02-Jan-15 10:04:24

I'm 29 weeks 3 days pregnant and just saw a photo taken of myself over xmas and I am horrified! I know I have put on weight and that it's normal but I didn't think I'd put on as much as it looks like I have! I haven't weighed myself throughout my pregnancy, maybe due to the fact I suffered from anorexia in my teens (I'm 26 now) and im trying to avoid the scales.

but I'm worried now that it's going to be ridiculously hard to lose all this weight and it's getting me down. I know my baby is healthy so I'm ok being this way until he/she is born but I'm concerned that after the birth the weight won't shift.

anyone else feel like this?

wawabear Fri 02-Jan-15 11:36:04

I feel a bit concerned that I look like a cruise liner but have only put on 8lbs (24 weeks).

However I plan to be on Weight Watchers after the birth and as long as I know I have a plan of action in place for afterwards then I am trying to suspend any panic about weight in the meantime.

Our bodies are in the process of creating a whole new life and they need lots of good fuel to do this. Therefore if I am hungry I am eating. I can't overindulge as the heartburn afterwards isn't worth it unless it's Hagen Daas ice cream in which case I can quite easily make a pig of self

sleepybee Fri 02-Jan-15 12:19:48

I'm concerned about weight gain also as I've previously battled being very over weight & lost 5+st & really had to work to keep it off. I'm trying to walk every day - sometimes hard now as its icey & I'm doing antenatal yoga. I'd love to go swimming but the thought of stepping out in a swimming costume right now makes me feel ill. This past week I've really been thinking about how I'm going to manage after & I plan on having a routine of walking with the pram daily & really hope to get back into running as I love doing races. I've also found a mums outdoor fitness group in my area where you can take along your baby and do exercise. I think if your determined then you will lose the baby weight. I'm more looking forward to being fit rather than having the perfect body. Also try make sure you're eating healthy just now - swapping sweets for fruit etc. Good Luck to all the future fit mums!

bagofsnakes Fri 02-Jan-15 13:45:18

You are right to stay away from the scales. Eat as you need to, while being as healthy as you can, and don't worry, it will come off. It can be super odd to see how your body changes during pregnancy, I know, I'm 35 weeks with DC2 and every now and then I forget, look down and think 'What the hell has happened to me?? Argh!' Then I remember and have another slice of Christmas cake :-)

I don't know if you plan to breastfeed or not but I lost most of my baby weight through that alone, while eating pretty much what I wanted/needed. I took up light jog/walking (kind of a couch to 5k thing) when DS was 3 months and did some buggyfit classes and was back to pre baby weight by the time he was 6 months and the whole time I was eating a ton. Don't restrict what you eat too much after baby, you'll need everything you can get.

purplemurple1 Fri 02-Jan-15 14:37:49

Don't underestmate just how much the baby, placenta etc really is - I lost about 3 stone just having DC1. The issue for me was keeping it off when busy with the new baby.

Ilovechops Fri 02-Jan-15 19:43:31

I did exactly the same the other day, saw some photos over Xmas and I look huge (to me). I'm also 29 weeks. This is second baby, I started at just over 9st and last time I weighed (Xmas eve) was 10st 3lb, I don't dare get on the scales again!! First pregnancy I put on a two stone but felt (and I think looked) good because I excericed a lot but pretty much ate what I wanted. This time a lot less exercise due to having DD1 and being more Ill (sickness then colds and basically tiredness) I swim once a week or so and walk a bit but basically do nothing.

BUT and it's a big but last time around I lost the weight with next to no effort, in fact I went down to 8st 6lb within 6 months after I stopped breast feeding...I was running around pulling a buggy up a hill/in a car/walking everywhere and it fell off. I've never been thinner so don't worry too much. I did go to the gym a bit but really ate like a horse and never had a problem.

I know it's hard to see yourself in a photo and look so different but it's short term, will pass and a month after you give birth you'll look a lot different. It's the one time in life I think you're allowed to be 'larger' without worrying so make the most of it!

Ilovechops Fri 02-Jan-15 19:44:44

Also my first baby was small (6lb) and so I lost over 1.5st of 'other baby weight' within 6 months comes off if you're active and don't sit on the sofa all day!

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