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Does my baby like this or not?

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catsofa Fri 02-Jan-15 02:03:26

I'm five months pregnant and my baby is starting to react to things, but I don't know how to tell if he's enjoying something or not.

I've got a little device called an X-Vibe it's not what it sounds like!. It's something that plugs into any headphone socket and then "turns anything into a speaker", so for example you can play music from your phone and use the device to amplify it through anything you have lying around - radiators work quite well, bit empty boxes, tin cans, all sorts of things. It's this.

This evening I had a bath and turned the bathtub into a speaker! I could lie back with my ears under the water and hear the music really well, it was great. Played something sort of lively but very mellow, nothing scary at all.

Baby was kicking a lot, presumably in response to the music. I'd like to think he was enjoying it as much as I was, but how do I know if he was dancing, or wriggling because he didn't like it? confused

ovaltine Fri 02-Jan-15 02:06:57

I'd say like it smile my DD used to bounce around when I had Andy c blasting in my car. Dances to it now too. When we went to those baby sing and dance classes she looked at me like I was nuts as its all nursery rhyme stuff and she'd never heard music like that before. We didn't go again haha

catsofa Fri 02-Jan-15 02:33:07

Can I just assume that kicking and thrashing around is a sign of pleasure then? It's just that he doesn't have the means to add any screaming and crying yet, and I'd hate to torture him with noises he hates just because I'm so fascinated by the movement smile.

He heard some Motorhead the other day, wasn't me playing it but it was on quite loud at a party. Kicked a fair bit to that too, I hope he develops slightly more refined taste!

Justyouwaitandsee Fri 02-Jan-15 09:39:21

I'm five months too (nearly six!) and baby went crazy watching the new year fireworks and Queen on TV. I have been wondering the same...

Zahrah5 Fri 02-Jan-15 10:25:05

My baby went crazy kicking in a very noisy pub. I hate noisy places and hated it there. I think they just react on outside stimuli, doesnt necessarily is like or dislike, I dont think they can think like that at this stage.

sleepybee Fri 02-Jan-15 21:55:17

I'm 23 weeks my baby went crazy at the new year fireworks & I go to see sports events on a weekly basis & it always kicks when the crowd cheers. It also reacts to me saying love you baby which is just cute! I've played music to my bump it reacts to fast tunes with a bass but doesn't react to softer, quiet songs. The past few days it has found my bladder & kicks/punches away constantly today I found myself saying go to sleeeeep!

RevoltingPeasant Fri 02-Jan-15 21:58:33

DH sings in a choir and is a bass, and my baby will sometimes react to him singing the baseline from stuff he is rehearsing. I tell him it's cos the poor thing is terrified of his spooky deep voice but really I think she likes it! smile

BadIdeaBear Fri 02-Jan-15 22:24:33

Both me and DH sing. I'm looking forward to this stage - only 13 weeks at the moment.

But I was at a rehearsal tonight and realised some of the stuff we're singing at the moment is quite... er... completely weird quirky. I can't wait to see how baby reacts to it!

catsofa Sat 03-Jan-15 22:55:15

Daddy is a musician, and baby is starting to wiggle when he plays. I think I'll just tell him he likes it, he's bound to like daddy's music isn't he?

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