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Buying baby clothes

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Naomip88 Thu 01-Jan-15 20:15:16

im 36 weeks and suddenly feel an urge to get everything 100% ready! We have been given lots of lovely baby clothes like cardigans, hats and clothes for 3 + months but I think we need some more vests and baby grows for the first couple of weeks, I'm on the mothercare site and they have clothes for premature babies , tiny babies ( up to 7.5 lbs) and newborn (10 lbs) Not sure what to buy?!

Tranquilitybaby Thu 01-Jan-15 20:16:40

Go for newborn or next do upto 1 month as well. Next gave a good sale on too!

JennyBlueWren Thu 01-Jan-15 22:02:40

I was on there as well and gave up as there were too many sizes (and I didn't like any of the clothes). I need more sleepsuits.

bagofsnakes Thu 01-Jan-15 22:55:30

Yep, I agree with the above, go for newborn (up to 10lbs) That should be fine. One of those sets with everything in plus a few extra bits and pieces. You can always send someone out/express order in if you need more.

ArgentinianMalbec Thu 01-Jan-15 22:59:34

I had everything newborn up to 10lbs, and my DM and MIL had to go out and get smaller ones as DD was only 7lb 7oz and the newborn ones swamped her. Get some of each for the hospital and wash them. Keep a few packs unopened and you can take them back and swap if you need to. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy smile

Maxis1 Fri 02-Jan-15 07:02:17

I completely stayed away from the newborn size. Was told the newborn ones are a waste of money unless the baby turns out to be tiny.
Got me some in 0- 1 month and a lots more in 0-3 months size.
Got lovely 5 packs at M&S so I went for vests, long sleeved vests and baby grows / sleeping suits.

siblingrevelryagain Fri 02-Jan-15 07:08:07

I would personally take a couple of mothercare 'first size' babygro's and the rest newborn. Vests can be newborn as under garments won't matter being bigger.

Mine were all in first size for a week or two, and they were long and fairly hefty (ranging from 8/2 to 8/14).

It is nice to have something that fits in the early days!

bubalou Fri 02-Jan-15 09:27:05

I bought only 0-1 month and 0-3 month for DS and a few people bought gifts in newborn - thankfully they did as he was only 6.9 and didn't fit into anything so needed early baby.

Don't panic though. They grow sooo fast once they're out so I only bought a couple packs of baby grows and he was out of the early baby in a few weeks.


espa Fri 02-Jan-15 11:28:29

My DD was 8lbs and 0-3 stuff and newborn (JL, Debenhams etc up to 10lbs) is still huge on her at 2.5 weeks. Tesco up to 1 month, Boots newborn, Asda newborn are all good sizes for her. Mothercare she has some 7.5lb and some 10lbs sizes and they are both okay.

berrypicking Fri 02-Jan-15 13:01:39

ours was born 7lbs 8oz and newborn size was fine. All baby grows should have a little bit of growing room grin lsmile

bagofsnakes Fri 02-Jan-15 13:34:53

Just so you know, because it's confusing, things labeled '0-1 month', 'up to 1 month' and 'newborn' are all pretty much the same size (check website size guides to be sure) with 'tiny baby' and 'early baby' being smaller. My DS was 6lbs14 but newborn was still fine on him for the first 6 weeks, didn't need anything smaller. My sister also needed newborn for her 8lb5 baby but they only fit him for the first 2 or 3 weeks.
Also, M&S baby clothes tend to run small, Next tend to run big and anything else is much the same. As I said before, do check the size guides online before buying, just to be sure.

CarrotPuff Fri 02-Jan-15 21:40:35

Well my DS was 6.14 too and even "tiny baby" were too big for him to start with. The "newborn" just swamped him, and he didn't wear 0-3 until he was over 3 months (slow weight gain).

It's hard to know how big your baby will be if it's your first, but the best indicator is your own birth weight (and maybe your siblings), and your current size. Big/small babies tend to run in families.

Of course it's not that accurate but should give you a rough idea.

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