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When to finish nursery

(14 Posts)
StillinShockAhhhhhhh Thu 01-Jan-15 13:32:08

Am currently 33 weeks +2 x have got our moses basket and chicco next 2 me all boxed up in the room ready, when should we put it all together? Don't know if now is too early

afreshstartplease Thu 01-Jan-15 13:34:24

I'd do it now tbh

StillinShockAhhhhhhh Thu 01-Jan-15 13:41:15

Oooh yay smile x what about the sheets/ blanket? Will they be ok to go on now or leave till a bit closer to ensure they are clean?

PotteringAlong Thu 01-Jan-15 13:42:28

For DS 2 my DH was putting it together whilst I was in labour at 40+12!

StillinShockAhhhhhhh Thu 01-Jan-15 13:44:24

Lol this is our first so all a bit unknown to me just don't want to do anything 'wrong'

GlitzAndGigglesx Thu 01-Jan-15 13:46:24

My DP bought the basket when we got home from hospital! I would get it set up now and put bedding on closer to due date or when you return from hospital

StillinShockAhhhhhhh Thu 01-Jan-15 13:47:21

Thank you! Will start putting it all together this afternoon

ilovepowerhoop Thu 01-Jan-15 13:54:14

I wouldnt put the stuff in the nursery though, wouldnt you need it in your bedroom as they should really be in with you for at least the first 6 months?

StillinShockAhhhhhhh Thu 01-Jan-15 13:59:53

The chicco next 2me will be moved into our room once she's born and the Moses basket will go in the living room smile just using the nursery to store them in at the moment so they don't end up being used as storage for dh's clothes he can't be bothered to put away smile

JennyBlueWren Thu 01-Jan-15 14:06:09

I'm 32 weeks and getting a Bednest later in the month. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a bedside crib upstairs AND a moses basket downstairs -just didnt' want to be carrying up and downstairs. Our moses basket is built and has some bedding sitting in it (for storage) but I'm going to need to clean it all as one of the cats has been jumping in a few times. I want DH to build the cot bed although we won't need it for months as it's sat in pieces.

StillinShockAhhhhhhh Thu 01-Jan-15 14:56:09

YH I'm exactly the same no way I want to be carrying it up and downstairs everyday lol have sent DH to nursery to start putting it all together

StillinShockAhhhhhhh Thu 01-Jan-15 14:59:07

YH I'm exactly the same no way I want to be carrying it up and downstairs everyday lol have sent DH to nursery to start putting it all together

Happilymarried155 Thu 01-Jan-15 20:45:27

I have one for upstairs and ond for downstairs too! I can't be bothered carrying them up and down the stairs!! It's so exciting!! X

StillinShockAhhhhhhh Thu 01-Jan-15 21:53:47

I know!! I'm getting so impatient now looking at all her stuff just waiting for her smile

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