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Small boots Citroen C2, C1 Peugeot 107 type and a Britax Affinity

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skyra13 Thu 01-Jan-15 00:07:44

We have ordered a britax affinity my husband has a large car but I only a c2 with a rather small oddly shaped boot
Wandering if anyone els has a small boot like the c2 and can fit in a britax style buggy or if you have had any problems?
Forgot to think about boot size and ML has ordered us the Britax for us as we live in country side. MANY THANKS

PuppyMummy Thu 01-Jan-15 08:59:54

I have an astra and there is still plenty of room once the pram is in.

The brittax affinity is a brilliant pram! I love mine

skyra13 Thu 01-Jan-15 11:17:58

Baby I'snt due to start of April so I can give it ago in boot before hand, glad you like your Brittax PuppyMummy, Took me ages to decide on a pushchair/Travel System! smile

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