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Pregnant and another bloody cold

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redredholly Wed 31-Dec-14 16:00:24

Pregnant since July (and I've got a toddler). I've had really bad flu-like colds all winter, and just got another one. They're not actual flu as I've had the jab but pretty bad, and of course Lemsip's off the cards... I never usually get ill and it seems particularly unfair. Is anyone else stricken? And do you have any tips? Halls soothers are not cutting it.

leanne963 Wed 31-Dec-14 16:12:02

I'm the same! I'm 19 weeks and get at least one cold every week and have to remain in bed with a whole loo roll to snot in lol!

Unfortunately I have no advice as this seems to just be something I'm gonna have to deal with sad but god I would kill for a lemsip, try honey and lemon and a paracetamol x

redredholly Wed 31-Dec-14 16:15:24

Commiserations Leanne! Do you have one paracetamol or two? I haven't been sure. When not pregnant I take Max Strength everything! Hope you feel better soon.

leanne963 Wed 31-Dec-14 16:20:50

I take two normal strength paracetamol! You have my sympathy too, it sucks! But I guess I had no morning sickness so I had to get something ha!

Nottalotta Wed 31-Dec-14 19:20:14

I have had the crappiest most awful cold for a week. Is it ok to take paracetamol in the usual way (2 tablets 4 times a day? )

I do usually suffer with colds, but also take Max strength everything, and have a failsafe way to sleep through the night which includes flu plus, sleeping tablet, glug of nightnurse and a total of whisky.......clearly this is no longer on the cards. :-(

Teeste Wed 31-Dec-14 19:27:00

Just follow the pack instructions with paracetomol, said my midwife. The pharmacist also recommended Jakeman's honey and lemon soothing sweets (they are really good!) and gave me some linctus. Colds are total rubbish at the best of times, hope you guys feel better soon!

Nottalotta Wed 31-Dec-14 19:30:59

Thank you - I had read 'low doses' of paracetamol was fine but wasn't really sure what that meant. My colds keep me up coughing and sputtering at night, already had one night on the sofa, its not helping my already tired and nauseous self!

Alby16 Fri 02-Jan-15 03:22:43

I have been the same. Constant colds and stuffy feelings, now 24 weeks and although generally feeling good have been a yuck too sad

Lemsip is usually my miracle cure but have opted for Asda own brand lemon tea (no decongestants or caffeine), if I am feeling really lowsy I have a couple of paracetamol. Also, orange squash with hot water makes me feel better too xxx

houghtonk76 Fri 02-Jan-15 19:43:41

Thank goodness for this thread! Have had bad cold since Sunday & is driving me to distration. Get them alot usually (as have thyroid condition too), but not had bad one while pregnant til this week. Have been thru the sore throat, temperature part, the nose blowing & blocked up part (now very sinusitus based again - which I had constantly from 2010 onwards til earlier 2014 before being pregnant) and now seem to be on the can't hear a thing / my ears are in so much pain part!! Supposed to be back at work Monday - no chance if still feel like this. I have been doing Lempsip (as I am asthmatic & allergic so can't do ibruprofen anyway, so when doc said paracetamol ok a while back took him at word) or occasional paracetomol tablet every few hours, sometimes 2 tablets as would not survive otherwise, also lots hot drinks & water (decaff tea, herbal tea, hot orange juice & honey - what I would give to have some whisky in this); also Halls Soothers & now Lockets. I am nearly 28 weeks, but would be screwed without some decongestant as had ear, nose & throat specialist when I was a kid. Also done Vicks vaporub at night. Doc told me ok to take certain brands hayfever tabs in summer too (e.g. Benedryl) as I get it every year & baby was fine at 20 & 22 week scan.

houghtonk76 Fri 02-Jan-15 19:52:52

Didn't help going to parents for New Year on Wed, til this morning - where they have a hairy cat who gives me athsma, especially when I have bad cold - as stayed up til 1am Wed. Think overdid it, but went to bed at 8pm last night & been in bed since like 4pm this afternoon. Bed at parents was not good either, too soft. Wish the earache would go away - might have bath as google / baby centre uk says steam will help.

dunyahassan Sun 04-Jan-15 14:24:07

ohh i knw how ur feeling otally, when i was 7 months pregnant with my 18 month old boy i couldve killed someone lol i had a chesty/tickly cough for 3 months straight 4 diff anti biotice 3 lots of steriod tablets and inhalers nothing shifted it even had to have xray on my chest no one knew what it was just kept saying chest infection was awful coulnt sleep with all the pressure on my bladder and the constant coughing i was peeing myself every 5 minutes eventually i woke up it had just gone jus like that lol hope yr better soon though smile

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