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Period pains and back ache

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Swanny84 Wed 31-Dec-14 10:57:26

Feel like all I do is moan lately but seem to have loads of aches and pains. For last week I've had niggly cramps in lower stomach and back, more uncomfortable than painful (not taking paracetamol or anything yet). I'm 9+4 with the longest 1st trimester ever. Had scan at 7+6 and baby was ok.
Just been put on antibiotics for water infection which was picked up at antenatal appointment, so I'm wondering if these pains are normal growing pains or should I be mentioning it to Dr? Only 3rd day of antibiotics so wondering if it's the water infection.
Just wish I could see baby every day to know he/she is ok....wouldn't think this is my 3rd baby....I'm driving myself mad xxx

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