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Nightmares/sleep talking

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sleepybee Wed 31-Dec-14 09:52:58

I'm coming up for 23 weeks & starting to have vivid nightmares / dreams of things like my dog/family members being in emergency situations & me being unable to save them. My husband says I talk & make noises all night even if he wakes me & makes me turn into different position etc. anyone else experiencing this & any ideas what I can do to settle this. I'm thinking it's possibly a little anxiety as this is my first baby and it's starting to all become real

Psmith83 Wed 31-Dec-14 10:23:36

Hey OP poor you!
I've had lots if vivid dreams. Some dream orgasms. (Apparently this is common too) some disturbing dreams. I would suggest not ignoring them but talking to someone who is good at listening and not giving advice like a friend or DP or whoever. It helps to think it through- your hunch is something I wouldn't ignore- you probably are worried, and it's worth thinking about.

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