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losing the plot and my mind....

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Mrsgentle2014 Tue 30-Dec-14 19:40:07

Anyone else feel like their body just needs to give them a break..?? It seems to be one thing after another.
had a lot of trouble with periods for 3 years with spotting and pain.. finally diagnosed with endometriosis and possible adenomyosis in September 2013.
Finally, after months and years of not knowing what to do, my gynae finally suggested coming off all contraception in August 2014. I was pregnant on a pill age 18 at the beginning of my relationship with my now husband although we didnt go through with it - hence me being petrified of falling pregnant!

Since August 2014, I have had 2 cycles. one lasting 35 days and one lasting 52 whereby I ended up in hospital in agony with a suspected ectopic - thankfully, it wasnt but they couldnt work out why either. A transvaginal Ultrasound caused AF to come on - that was the 27th and nothing since.

in the last 10 days Ive been nauseous, achy, sore and veiny boobs, vivid dreams and complete lack of concentration - cant get my words out, forgetting appointments and replying to people.
Slight crampy, back ache for the last 2 days following on from some pink discharge on the 27th... and nothing but 4 BFN's....

Am I insane ...? as well as clearly being kinda irrate, if the length of this post is anything to go by? .. just looking for a bt of like mindedness... sad

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