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sudden skin change?

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mum2benicole Tue 30-Dec-14 18:13:46

Im 20wks 4 with baby number 2 just found put im expecting a boy so will have 1 of each (so happy). Didn't have this problem with my daughter but I find my skin since the start of the week is so dry and keep getting rashes like sweet rash all over, even hhaving a shower and not using any products im still coming out in a rash its like im drying out even my hair has gone funny tatty and dry. Anyone eles with this problem any creams u use that u Fidel work any tips or advice greatly needed
Thanks xx

catnip85 Wed 31-Dec-14 09:28:07

I'm 21+5 and also have the dreaded dry skin, it came on really suddenly about 2wks ago and I put it down to changes in pg hormones. Ive found that E45 do a really good body lotion which I use everyday and have switched to a gentle cream body wash (palmolive I think). Check that yr not allergic to the ingredients in yr shampoo or bodywash- if you have a rash it could be that.

Hope this helps and congratulations!

mum2benicole Wed 31-Dec-14 11:50:18

Thanks will try them im sick of itching and flaking hehe the joy of being pregnant hormones are horrid xx

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