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have I got a uti or not? confused

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hopefull2424 Tue 30-Dec-14 14:21:41

Saw the midwife 2 weeks ago who said I had trace of protein in my urine sample. I had just come off 5 days antibiotics for chest infection so was told to wait for lab results before another prescription. A few days later I had blood taken at dr and they said I might as well check urine which showed plus one protein and leukocytes so was given3 day's antibiotics and told to bring another sample in after the tablets were finished. Fast forward 4 days and took in another sample showing the same results so given another 7 days antibiotics. Went for a consultant appointment today and urine results are still the same. They decided no more antibiotics and sent another sample away to be tested. But when I questioned why my results are abnormal if its not a uti they just said hmmm unsure.
That's not really helping me and I've still got backache and struggle to wee in the day. I'm waiting for the Dr to call me back tonight with some of the test results. I feel a bit lost now with What's going on.
I'm 11 weeks today xx

beth1987 Tue 30-Dec-14 18:43:41

They should send off and find out if you do and which antibiotic is suitable (kill the bacteria present) rather than give you lots of horrid antibiotics. I was initially given antibiotics that were not working on the bacteria present when we got the lab results back which were then changed for ones that did work.

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