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Methyldopa in pregnancy

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Number3cometome Tue 30-Dec-14 12:48:59

Hi ladies, I am 10+3 and currently taking 250mg of Methyldopa 3 times per day.

I was on Bisoprolol (beta blockers) but was told this is not safe in pregnancy.

I have taken Methyldopa in a previous pregnancy and I am sure it is making my nausea worse!!

I try to take it with food, but it is making me feel like foggy headed and sick.

It may well be the pregnancy nausea and not the pills, but I can't be sure.

Anyone have any tips?

blackwidow74 Tue 30-Dec-14 13:28:46

Have you tried taking the meds before bed rather than in day? Is it something you can try?

Number3cometome Tue 30-Dec-14 13:51:44

I have to take them 3 times a day, so have been taking one lot right before bed.

The others are first thing in the morning, and lunchtime at work x

zebrapig Tue 30-Dec-14 14:15:48

I take 250mg twice a day with food and I've not had any side effects. I also take 400mg Labetalol at the same time and have been fine with that too. I was on them both before I got pregnant and haven't had any side effects either before or during pregnancy. I'd mention it to your GP (rather than midwife) ass they may be able to switch you onto something different which is still safe to take.

Number3cometome Tue 30-Dec-14 14:22:35

I was on Labetalol in my last pregnancy too, doc says I will probably end up on that soon.

I did ask my GP but they said these are the only ones we can take sad

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