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Am I pregnant?!

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Beckahjane Tue 30-Dec-14 10:43:58

Hi all I am new to this but I came off contraception in August and downloaded myself an ovulation calculator to keep track of my periods etc.. Had a small spotting when I came off the pill then have had a period EVERY month there after (sometimes small spotting between) my last period was 27th November lasting 6 days.. I am now day 34 in my cycle.. I have done a few tests and all negative.. I am day 10 today of no period..


Mrsgentle2014 Tue 30-Dec-14 10:47:33

This sounds like me!? Came off pill in August... Last period 27th November and still nothing for me? All BfN!
Have you had any symptoms?

Beckahjane Tue 30-Dec-14 11:09:23

I have stomach twinges and more frequent urination, quite tired.. I've had a few pains in tummy like PMS pains but no sign of a period coming at all!

Mrsgentle2014 Tue 30-Dec-14 13:01:12

Ditto! Maybe give it another week as you may have ovulated later?
That's what I'm thinking at the moment...

NotSpartacus Tue 30-Dec-14 13:03:22

Sounds like you may have ovulated later than you think. Have you been ill/stressed in the last month?

Beckahjane Tue 30-Dec-14 13:52:42

That's what I orginally thought but I have been tracking all my periods and spotting and everything.
No stress and no illness.
Always been fine every month up until now though.

Beckahjane Tue 30-Dec-14 14:12:23

Just to note also I already have a 3 year old son so I know the feeling of being pregnant although I never found out I was pregnant with him until I was 8 weeks.

Beckahjane Tue 30-Dec-14 16:06:00

We have been quite sexually active over the past few months not so much this month but as shown we have had sexual intercourse in the fertile stage x

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