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Decorating the Nursery - Layout and what would you do with this gap?

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misseskimo Mon 29-Dec-14 12:01:13

Put this in the Home Dec thread, but didn't get any views/responses, so putting it in here as I think it will hit more of the right people (i.e. those in the same boat as me!)

DH and I are just starting to budget for new baby due early July and make the most of the two sale periods from now till then and one of the key things we can't decide on is the nursery, predominantly how to arrange the room.

We have quite a decent sized double bedroom to use for the nursery, however there are two downsides to the room. The first is that it has two windows, one faces the front of the house which is fine, the other (to the left of the pic with both in) is on the side of the house where the sun rises, so the room gets really warm in the summer. So I need to bare that in mind when decorating/arranging the room... The other issue, which is what's causing us the most grief, is that the room has a kind of weird cubby area to the side of it. No idea why the builders made the room this way, but hey, we're stuck with it.

The cubby is to the left side behind the door and measures 121cm wide (exc. skirting) and 126cm deep upto the end of the wall where the door is. Unfortunately, this means that my original idea of using it for an open-front wardrobe won't really work as I really want to use another PAX system from Ikea as I have used it for years and know it will be easily interchangeable as baby grows. I could put in a 75cm pax, and then do a bit of hacking on a 50cm to make it fit. This would involve making the whole unit about 5cm narrower all around. The only downside to this being that I would only be able to use shelves and/or a clothes bar (after cutting them down also) in the 50cm section, whereas my original plan was to have a column of drawers, and then the 75cm with two hanging rails and 2/3 larger drawers for extra storage... But worst case I could use plastic/seagrass tubs on the shelves. My other option would be to put the wardrobe along the wall where the temporary clothes rail is on the left. This gap is 156cm from wall to side window ledge, so I would get a 150cm unit in there providing ample storage space, though I'd probably need to put doors on it here as it wouldn't look so "built-in". I also will loose some depth to the wardrobe, as I think I will only be able to fit the slightly shorter (depth) wardrobes in here. I need to double-check that as it will be tight due to the window ledge. I was originally planning on using the area on the left for a changing station and then toy chests, which could be moved around as baby grows to give more play room, so if I put a large wardrobe there, I'm concerned it will take up too much of the play area. The cubby would then turn into a toy area, and I guess I'd have to build/buy some sort of storage system for the toys to go into for this corner.

Looking at the pictures I've attached, what would you do with the gap? Would you go with the hacked PAX wardrobe to keep it out of the way? Or put the wardrobe on the left wall, and make the cubby a toy store or similar? The cot will go on the r/h side behind the door, so that I can easily see it through the nursery door - Though that was also a concern with the sunlight coming in, as that is where the double bed used to be and it would always get warm/light in that area all day... But I suppose that's what blackout blinds are for!

NB. Please excuse the mess in the room! I've only just almost emptied it, and the cats have been using it (in particular the rug) as a playroom since it's been emptied, and so it seems to be constantly covered in fur! (and a cat who cheekily laid down as I was taking pictures)

Happilymarried155 Mon 29-Dec-14 12:06:27

It's so exciting doing the nursery! I would probably make it into a wardrobe with a couple of rails and then shelves with sea grass boxes for things, otherwise it's essentially a bit if a waste of some good storage! X

Iggly Mon 29-Dec-14 12:09:23

Use shelves cut to size and fix a door to the wall so it is more built in?

Or use a chest of drawers and open shevles higher up which aren't as deep. You can then change baby on the chest of drawers although will end up doing this on the floor

Also the property/DIY section is better for these questions!

Iggly Mon 29-Dec-14 12:13:09

scroll down to see what they did with the nook. I'd use more shelving - you don't need to hang baby clothes.

NovemberRainbow Mon 29-Dec-14 12:18:07

Would something like this work?

It's an ikea unit, sorry Its not a clicky link. Not sure how to do that on the iPad?

Pinterest has lots of great nursery ideas, if you've not had a browse already.

Congratulations btw thanks

misseskimo Mon 29-Dec-14 12:50:47

Thanks iggly I didn't know where to put the post. Thought the Home Decoration was the right place, but it doesn't seem to get many views in that area blush

november I have a whole board on Pinterest for nursery ideas, and one of those is the link you shared!

I want my wardrobe to be as future proof as possible so that I don't have to payout again anytime soon, which is why I preferred the drawers and pax system as it can always be changed around later on. My old pax lasted me 10yrs before my mother broke it whilst moving house, so I'm hoping my new ones will be the same.

Do you find shelves as effective as drawers for storage? I've never liked shelves, but I think it's mostly because I have two cats who love to get in any nook and cranny, and so any shelves they would be in in seconds - Drawers however they haven't managed to master yet! wink

NoraRobertsismyguiltypleasure Mon 29-Dec-14 12:54:20

If you are at all into books and want your child to be into reading, I would totally make that gap into a little reading nook. My DD is 2 and I have just turned a corner of her room into a reading corner, she loves it. Small children's clothes only need to be in a chest of drawers.

Iggly Mon 29-Dec-14 13:21:21

You could try kitchen wall cupboards for shelves with doors. They won't be as shallow and can go higher up.

woodwaj Mon 29-Dec-14 13:23:12

I'd say a custom wardrobe...or even something as simple as a nice chair for you for feeding!

HollyBdenum Mon 29-Dec-14 13:33:48

I'd make it into a cozy feeding space for now, and later on fill it with cushions for a reading/calm down zone. If you have a tantrum-prone toddler toddler, it's really nice to have a soft quiet slightly dark space where they can calm down.

weeblueberry Mon 29-Dec-14 15:03:27

If it were me I'd be tempted to put bookshelves in the upper part of the alcove and then a reading nook area underneath. I know you'd initially looked at a cupboard and you could certainly get a joiner to come in and quote for a bespoke fitted wardrobe but I'd be tempted to use it properly as a nook.

Also your ragdoll is gorgeous. grin

misseskimo Mon 29-Dec-14 15:49:44

Ooh I didn't even think of a reading nook! Just had a small ganders on Pinterest to see what ideas I can come up with... Maybe a combined feeding and reading area? I really love the themed nooks, like Narnia etc. But I worry that's too specific, so may go for something more colourful and generic - Thanks!

Thankyou weeblue she's a Birman actually, I have two of them, this little one is my "baby" at 18m grin

TheScenicRoute Mon 29-Dec-14 22:01:58

That cubby hole is fantastic!! It just doesn't work with your two options. Could you make it into a bespoke fitted wardrobe rather than the system you've been describing.

The other idea would be a wonderful play den area for an older child (but not much use for a baby) a cosy reading corner etc etc. if you did make it into a bespoke wardrobe I would definately leave a big bottom section that an older child could make dens under, it would be magical, and really useful for storing big items now. That's a great room!

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