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Good NST, still worried

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joeschmoesmum Mon 29-Dec-14 11:45:50

Wise mumsnetters, I once more need your help in this (what feels like) very long pregnancy.
35w5d and ended up having another NST this morning for reduced movement. The first one showed a good baseline but little variability and consultant didn't like it (his words..."Don't like it, do another one.") and so I stayed for another half hour hooked up, had orange juice and little one seemed to wake up. Second NST was deemed fine by both dr and midwife and I was sent home.

The problem is that I still feel worried. I don't know if it is just my anxiety playing up (which has been very high throughout the pg, due to a history of several miscarriages etc etc) or if something really is wrong. I am reassured by dr, and truth is I have felt this way before in this pg and everything was fine, but cannot help but feel like baby has become more sluggish over last couple of days (after a frantic spell of kicking a few days ago).
WWYD? My mum-instincts are not to be relied on, due to heightened anxiety (which I had before pg too...) yet I feel so responsible for this little baby inside me and know that I am the only one who can alert HCPs to any trouble brewing...

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