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5 weeks pregnant, slight bleed, water infection, scan, blood sack any help

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aillsley30678 Mon 29-Dec-14 08:09:44

am 5 weeks pregant, two days ago i had a slight bleeed ( not a huge amount but more than spotting) i was in a lot of pain in my ower stomach and lower back. went strsaight to a and e to be told i had a water infection and given antibiotics. the doctor booked me in for a scan to check baby as well. i had my scan yesterday. i was told i was 5 weeks pregant so to early to detect a heart beat. the lady could see the pregnancy sack and the yolk and said it was attached and in the right place but she said she could also see a blood sack above the pregnancy sack which was 3 times bigger. she told us that this may come away and ill bleed some more or it may absob back into my womb or ill have a miscarriage . i have to go back in 2.3 weeks for another scan. i am hoping for some experience someone else may have had. i think i was in that much shock i just didnt ask any questions like what are my chances . we were so lucky as we were only trying to concieve for 3 months and it worked but now im not really sure what to think or do, 2 weeks of just waiting ..... upto yet i dont have any signs of pregnancy apart from really tender breast . any advice or personal experience would be most greatful

BalancingStick Mon 29-Dec-14 10:39:42

aillsley - I have exactly the same thing. I had a bleed (bright red blood) at 5 weeks - went for a scan where the blood clot was identified (twice the size of the gestational sac). I then had another bleed at 6 weeks so had another scan - all was still well but the clot was even bigger and then they recalled me for another scan at 7 weeks where they saw the heartbeat (but clot was still there). I'm now 8 weeks - still pregnant and I have another scan booked for 10 weeks. It is very worrying. The proper name for a blood clot in the uterus is a sub-chorionic haematoma - if you google it you will find a lot of information, particularly from american sites. My research has revealed that whilst it isn't normal or particularly common it certainly isn't that rare. I will warn you that on Google you will find a lot of positive information with happy outcomes but there are also a lot of very sad/ traumatic stories so be prepared. Personally I like to have all the information but I completely understand people who just want to hear the positive stuff.

My sonographer said they cannot give you chances as they just don't know - some people go on to have completely normal pregnancies whilst some do unfortunately miscarriage - I guess looking at it this way you could say it is 50/50? I didn't get much info from the NHS either but the american sites were very helpful - in the US most people with a blood clot are signed off work, put on bed rest and told no exercise, stretching, heavy lifting etc. Luckily it has been Christmas so I have been able to do all of that but I am back to work in a weeks time (starting a new job as well!) - luckily I am mostly sat at a desk. Before being pregnant I did a lot of yoga and running - I have done none of this for the past month. I am trying to rest as much as I can and doing very little in terms of activity. It has been the laziest Christmas I have ever had! My main pregnancy symptom has been insomnia (torturous) as well as some mild nausea, sore boobs, night sweats, and constipation. It seems that of the people who don't miscarry, a lot will have their clot absorb by the 12 week scan, most are absorbed by the 20 week scan and a small minority have the clot throughout the pregnancy.

This is my second pregnancy - I had a miscarriage in September (nothing to do with a blood clot that time) and it has taken my 2 and half years to conceive (we had just been to see a fertility specialist when suddenly my body began to ovulate on its own - weird).

I too found it a shock when I was scanned and they first told me as I'd never heard of this before. I am aiming for a week at a time at the moment. One thing the sonographer told me at the last scan that I found helpful was to expect bleeding - if there is a clot in there then it is normal to bleed. I actually haven't had any bleeding since but just knowing blood (especially brown/ dark blood) in these circumstances is 'normal' helped - just a little bit. But if the bleeding is heavy then go back for another scan. They can't 'do' anything but just knowing what is happening is reassuring I think.

Good luck and keep positive!

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