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Small age gap guilt- baby brain

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Jenny1231990 Sun 28-Dec-14 23:19:43

I have a daughter who is 7months old, I'm also currently 20 weeks pregnant.
Although we are over the moon, I'm feeling guilty. I can't seem to get that over excited count down to every thing buzz. I had this with my little girl, it took us 2 years to fall with her so everything felt like a massive milestone. The weeks felt like they dragged and waiting for scans took forever.
We fell pregnant quickly after having her, we are happy but I still have an awful case of baby brain, I actually cannot remember a thing.
I feel terrible for missing my 20week scan appointment. Although I put a reminder in my phone. It for some reason didn't.
I am more annoyed with myself for not remembering and counting down. I just feel totally zapped of all energy. I don't know if anyone felt this way or if it's normal.
I'm feeling kicks now and I'm so excited.
Just wish I could get some energy and my memory back sad

ProcrastinaRemNunc Sun 28-Dec-14 23:36:24

Two of mine are 50 weeks apart. Looking back, it was all a bit of a blur! Life sometimes felt like one of those little flick picture books. It was easy to forget things, it was exhausting but it does, without a doubt, become easier. Enjoyable, even wink

Mine are so close that they have a 'twin type' rather than normal sibling relationship, right down to their own language, even now. They are inseperable and have a beautiful, special friendship.

As tough as things felt back then and as much as I sometimes felt I was letting things slide, not being my best, etc, I wouldn't have had it any other way. The 'result' is well worth the chaos of that time!

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