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Breech baby experiences

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MrsCK Sun 28-Dec-14 16:33:01

I'm 35 weeks and baby is breech. I've been told they will want to book me in for a CS at 39 weeks if he is still breech when I am 37 weeks.

How likely is it he will turn naturally at this stage?

Should I be mainly prepared now for a CS or is it still worth me renting a tens etc?

Will the CS go ahead if he suddenly turns say on the morning of the planned CS?

I'd be interested to hear any breech stories smile

ArchangelGallic Sun 28-Dec-14 16:44:15


This website has info about positioning:

Baby could turn naturally - have you been offered an ECV? Probably worth considering if you want a vaginal birth.

If baby remains breech then a cs will be recommended although you could push for a VB with supervisor of midwives, few midwives have experience.

If I recall, I was told that if I went into spontaneous labour whilst baby was known to be breech then I should call an ambulance due to risk of cord prolapse.

Newmom2b Sun 28-Dec-14 16:46:48

Hello, breech um here :-)
My lo was breech pretty much all the way through pregnancy, we tried an ecv to turn him, was very painful and unsuccessful (wouldn't do it again). Elcs was booked for 39 weeks and waters broke about 3 days before so went in for a emcs.
Was a relatively easy and straight foward procedure and recovery was quick. Had him at 4am on the Monday morning and was home on Wednesday. Good luck. X

MrsCK Sun 28-Dec-14 16:51:50

Ooh ok I perhaps naively thought waters wouldn't go while he was breech!

not been offered an ECV as yet but think I would decline based on the info I've read so far. interesting to know about calling an ambulance if I do go into labour naturally. didn't know that either!

ArchangelGallic Sun 28-Dec-14 16:57:33

Well check with your MW because it was a few years ago now.

I had an ECV quite late on and it was fine; uncomfortable but bearable and more importantly, successful. It meant I could have a home birth.

The consultant does an ultrasound to check position all the way through as some positions can't be turned.

fertilityFTW Sun 28-Dec-14 16:59:45

Mine didn't turn - we refused ECV, MW was supportive of that though consultant pulled a face (which she seemed to do every time I opened my mouth so I had a tendency to disregard her opinions anyway). A senior MW met us at one point and said she wouldn't bother either as she had a feel and said DD seemed pretty firmly wedged. I had done all the usual things - the ball bouncing, the spinning baby tips etc. but it was ELCS for us - which tbh was one of the most amazing experiences ever - no complaints at all! Someone I know had a baby that refused to turn in spite of ECV s etc. but when she showed up for her ELCS, she'd turned! So they went back home and had her naturally a few days later. You just never know!

MultipleMama Sun 28-Dec-14 23:45:11

Hello, 4 breech babies here (2 born at home due circumstances). All vaginally. Waters broke with all of them.

I think it's possible for your LO to turn, there's a site called spinningbabies (I think) have arrange of information and techniques to help turn babies. I believe they helped turn DD1 who was Breech up until 36 weeks.

Unsure about EVC but I would raise your concerns/questions.

DS2 was breech and a Momo twin, I was scheduled for ELCS but went into labour quick and fast and while I was being prepared for an EMC (waiting for the Dr to do the epidural) I started pushing. My consultant was supportive and let me try naturally but any signs of distress (me and/or babies) and I would be taken in under general.

So I think you wouldn't need a CS on the day if they turned. But I would raise it with them and ask.

Good luck anyway!! smile

Aley009 Mon 29-Dec-14 04:54:05

I had a growth scan at 25 weeks and baby was breech
I then had lots of midwife appts from then to birth and all seemed sure baby had turned and was now head down- even got told I was engaged , had consultants feel my belly and all sorts all said head down.
Went into labour 40+4 to find baby was breach
I belive he never ever flipped round and was always breach.
I had a c section as he is my first baby and natural would be been too hard and scary.
All was fine

MurtleTheTurtle Mon 29-Dec-14 14:32:55

I am 37+5 and mine has been moving all over - was head down the week before Christmas, turned breech again last week and head down again last night (confirmed by scan this morning). I had another turn on his own at 38 weeks so it certainly can happen. This is no 5 though so I am probably quite stretchy by now!

sophie150 Mon 29-Dec-14 15:00:49

My lo was breech from 28 weeks. Never turned. Was offered an ecv but consultant was clear that it only had a 10% chance of working being a first baby and also because his one leg was tucked under his bum so didn't go for it. Had an elcs at 39+1 which was fine. They were clear that they wouldn't have done it if the scan on the morning had shown he had moved

MultipleMama Mon 29-Dec-14 16:03:12

I also think it depends on what type of breech because I'm sure there's more risk for Incomplete and Frank breech if trying to do ECV or vaginal birth. And almost certain they wouldn't do an ECV on a stargazer due to spinal risk etc.

MrsCK Mon 29-Dec-14 17:47:03

Great stories thank you!

Mrscog Mon 29-Dec-14 17:50:39

I had a really successful ECV. I think they can tell by feel/scan as to how likely it is to be successful. I wrote up my experience at the time - can't link to it now as on tablet but if you search for it you should fine it.

Funkytown Mon 29-Dec-14 17:57:05

I had a footlong breech baby from my 20 week scan he either layed breech or transverse he finally went head down at 37+6 which is the day I had an appiontment with the consultant to manually turn him (I would of refused )
I remember waking up feeling totally normal I relised that I didn't have a massive bludge on one side any more I still believed he was breech I was scanned and he was head down
Never before have I felt so happy lol

teacupnic Mon 29-Dec-14 20:04:14

DS was Breech for most of my pregnancy, and a C Section was planned for week 39. Just before going into the operating room, they scanned me and discovered he was now head down. A bit of a surprise as I expected to feel him move.

So, sent home in order to try for a vaginal birth. Unfortunately DS was very comfy in there and I needed to be induced. 4 Pessaries, 15 hours of Syntocin later, I ended up with a C Section anyway as he would not budge and I didn't dilate.

Probably best I had a section has he was 9lb 15 oz in the end...

Hallamoo Mon 29-Dec-14 20:21:43

DC2 was breech, had successful ECV at 38 weeks, she was born naturally at 39 weeks, and was 8lb 12oz. I think it depends on the skill and experience of the person doing the EVC. Mine was a consultant who had been doing at least 2 ECV's a week for 14 years, she said they are successful in about 50% of cases.

DC1 was also breech, had failed ECV at 38 weeks, I knew it wasn't going to work, the person performing it wasn't as experienced, and didn't seem very confident doing it, and gave up too soon I felt. I had acupuncture (moxibustion) a couple of dates after the failed ECV. Reluctantly went in for a CS at 39 weeks, was absolutely terrified and very emotional, was prepped for theatre, was lying on the bed in theatre, surgical team all scrubbed, last minute scan revealed he had turned! I literally leapt of the bed and went home, DS was born naturally at 40+4, and was 9lb 4oz.

Definitely not too late for them to turn, and in my case, doesn't seem to matter how big they are. Check out spinning babies, I'm also convinced that the acupuncture made the difference with DC4.

Good luck!

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