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leaking breasts?

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kalidasa Sun 28-Dec-14 14:13:18

I am 35+5 with DS2 and I am leaking! Getting occasional tingly/mild letdown feelings too. I think I remember this happening at the end with DS1 but can't remember when exactly. Does it imply things are gearing up? Anyone else had it and did you go into labour soon after? Has been a totally ghastly pregnancy, am bedbound so definitely NOT averse to having this baby on the early side as long as he's ready obviously.

My breasts leaked at the very beginning of this pregnancy too which the docs told me was weird (I was constantly in hospital with v. severe HG) but they said it was probably just a sign that my hormones were generally overactive.

Showy Sun 28-Dec-14 14:15:45

It's a sign of... nothing. grin Mine leaked from 28 weeks with dc2. I think they do leak earlier with subsequent pregnancies as your body just knows what it's doing.

Sorry it's been rubbish so far.

kalidasa Sun 28-Dec-14 14:46:55

Thanks showy. Oh well - I can still hope! DS is only just 2 and I breastfed him till about 10 months so I'm not sure they have ever completely dried up really.

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