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35 weeks and bump has dropped

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Cullercoats88 Sat 27-Dec-14 17:45:00

Hello all- at about 32 weeks I noticed my bump change shape and become very round and circular, opposed to me just looking a bit overweight. Now at 35 weeks it's dropped and I'm carrying fairly low.

I don't know If it's just being exceptionally tall (I'm nearly 6foot) that's meant my bump has been high until now, but could this be a sign labour is closer than anticipated??

I had a scan at 34 weeks and baby was estimated to be 6lbs already!! Also my first EDD given at 12week scan was 10 days earlier than date given at 20week scan, which is what we have been going on since, potentially I could be 37weeks not 35...should we be preparing for baby to come now and not end of jan? X

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