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Bump dropping

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Maxis1 Thu 25-Dec-14 07:53:38

How far along where you when your bump started dropping?
33 weeks now and I am getting the impression my baby is sitting lower than it used too.
I know they say first baby's bumps drop earlier but is there any link at all between bump dropping and baby making an appearance?
Dad wont get back before a week before the EDD so I hope I wont go too early!

bakingmad83 Thu 25-Dec-14 07:57:06

Hi Maxis, my bump dropped at around 34 weeks. I'm 39+4 and still waiting smile From what I've read there isn't a link between the two, so hopefully your little one will stay put till dad is back.

SamiBE Sat 27-Dec-14 00:01:36

I'm 34 weeks and my bump decided to drop about two weeks ago. This is my 4th pregnancy and only gave birth 12 months ago (tomorrow to be exact smile ) so I understand that my muscles aren't how they used to be

SamiBE Sat 27-Dec-14 00:02:47

Also my 2nd pregnancy I carried low and labour from start to finish was 1 hr 40 mins

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