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Total appetite loss-second trimester

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Zahrah5 Wed 24-Dec-14 19:21:31

Help! I just dont want to eat at all.
Im 22 weeks now, 2 weeks ago I totally lost my appetite. I had cold and tought it was related but I am OK for long time and appetite did not return.
I am skipping meals and if I eat I feel after like I am going to explode. Today I had 1decaff late in the morning and felt full from it until late afternoon, at 5pm I had 2 toasts and 2 kiwis and 2 hrs later still feel so full.

I was never big eater-often ordering kids portions but since I got pregnant in first trimester I was eating regularly 3 meals per day, got hungry and was starving and craving food- mostly carrots and kiwi. I only gained 2 kg overal during my pregnancy up to week 22 and feel I must have recently loose weight from my back as my maternity pants are just hanging loose on my butt now and when I bought them at 15 weeks they were tight. I dont want to endanger the baby by not giving her nutrition, she measured OK at 20 weeks scan.
Anyone else has this?

Bondy83 Wed 24-Dec-14 20:34:46

I've been exactly the same. Eat little and often but most importantly keep your fluids up

Apophenia Wed 24-Dec-14 20:45:39

I was exactly the same during my last pregnancy, couldn't face much more than a slice of toast a day. Midwife suggested smoothies as more nutritional but I couldn't face them either.
Ended the pregnancy two stone lighter than I'd started it. Keep your fluids up as much as you can stomach.

Bondy83 Wed 24-Dec-14 21:47:31

Yes I have also lost 21lb ( 31wks) and yet to put a lb back on. I'm measuring exactly right and a scan last week showed baby is healthy weighing 3lb 10oz already so he must be getting enough of what he needs

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