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Xkala89x Wed 24-Dec-14 00:26:30

Hi I'm 10 week and have known since I was 6, it's our first child and my first pregnancy I am terrified I have such good support from my o/h and my family but the morning sickness has hit me hard ive forgot what it's like to feel normal!! And I'm not enjoying it at all everyone is Soo excited and i can't seem to feel it! HELPfsmile

juneavrile Wed 24-Dec-14 05:23:02

It's perfectly normal to feel anxious and nervous about a pregnancy at this stage, and you're laid low by first trimester sickness which is only going to make it harder. But the odds are this will clear in the next couple of weeks and you start to feel well and positive.
You might feel that Family and friends only want to hear positive stuff from you to reflect their own excitement, so you can always come here to find people who empathise. I've read lots of threads like this in the last 8 months. You"re far from alone.
Hope you have as good a Christmas as possible and you're feeling better soon.

purplemurple1 Wed 24-Dec-14 06:08:19

Totally agree with pp and remember your mum has been through it and your partner is there to support you so if you need to sneak off for a nap or just can't face sitting at the dinner table tommorow they will understand.

Xkala89x Wed 24-Dec-14 18:11:27

Thank you, yea I agree juneavrille they just want to hear positive things, does anyone have any tips on sickness as it's not just morning, I feel like I've tried everything to try and feel normal??

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