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Fibroids and pregnancy advice needed!!

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Osney Wed 24-Dec-14 00:05:51


I'm wondering if anyone out there has had experience of fibroids during pregnancy?

I discovered I had two large fibroids at 9 weeks. One is low down on my right, measuring 7cm and the other is high up, near my belly button and measures 9cm. At 13 weeks, I was admitted to hospital with the most horrendous pain I've ever had in my lower right abdomen. After a four night stay filled up with morphine, I came home. Apparently what I had was called 'red degeneration' and it happens when the fibroid outgrows its blood supply. I'm feeling OK now, but have started to get really bad back pain on the side where the problematic fibroid is and am now seeing a hospital physio. I saw the gynae consultant today (I'm now 15+4) and she told me after the baby is born I'd need surgery to remove both of them. She also said there is a good chance I'll get the same degeneration pain happen again as the baby grows. Apparently the back pain is most likely the fibroid pushing on a nerve.

The consultant said I'm still at risk of miscarriage - which totally freaked me out as I told the world last week I'm pregnant, assuming I was now past the risky time. Has anyone on MN experienced a late (post 16 weeks) mc due to fibroids?

Putting my renewed mc fears aside, I'm feeling overwhelmed to think I've got 6 months of this to go...and that it can only get worse as the baby grows!!! Would love to hear from anyone who has coped with fibroids and can help me imagine what the next 6 months holds for me. Google has surprisingly little information...

Thanks! xxx

MyDHhasnomemory Wed 24-Dec-14 00:11:29

Sorry you are going through this worry.
I had fibroids but didn't know about them until my section when they announced they were going to take them out as well as the baby! They did get my permission. I didn't have back pain but I suspect it depends where they are positioned.
I hope you get better information soon. Take care.

juneavrile Wed 24-Dec-14 05:44:02

I found out I had three at my early scan- 2 small 5/6 cm and low down and 1 15cm up high. My hospital wasn't too concerned about them but monitored them when I had a scan, and reminded them but this went by the wayside. Perhaps because they stayed the same size- the last look they hadn't changed, but as you can see, one is really big and I was worried about room as am carrying twins. But the hospital didn't seem too bothered and always said that the biggest concern for me was the chance of bad pain.
I understand the fibroid location is factored in - especially when it comes to birth.
Try not to look for bad outcome stories on the net- you'll always find stuff to feed the fear. Fibroids are common and there must be far far more people who have had successful outcomes. Maybe it's worth looking at other ways to help with the pain? Would a TENS machine help?
Hope there is some let up over Christmas.

ChickenMe Wed 24-Dec-14 08:45:14

Sound like you've had a horrible time with these roids.
I have three of the fuckers, the biggest being 7cm by the cervix. They've said its possible I'll need a CS. Have they spoken to you about delivery?
I googled old mumsnet posts mentioning fibroids and they reassured me a bit reading them.
The pain sounds awful. Touch wood I've not had that (yet). I'm nearly 26w. I did have a long and very heavy bleed at 14w and I think the fibroid caused it.
They are extremely common - my cousin has them and so does my aunt. My cousin had two C Sections. I did read about the MC risk on line; the consultant was keen to stress that the increased risk of MC was tiny and not to worry. No one has mentioned MC risk. My consultant seems nonchalant about the roids.
It is scary to be told about MC risk-and kind of pointless as what can you do? I got scared by the bleeding and after that I have tried to take the pregnancy one week at a time and that is all you can do. finally getting to 24w was amazing because I never dared to think I'd get there as the bleeding was so awful!
Good luck

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