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Is it normal to take an emotional dip at end of third trimester?

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TheScenicRoute Tue 23-Dec-14 16:08:56

I'm 7 weeks off induction date and I have a lot on my plate, christmas, the stress of additional christmas finances (I feel like I'm being bled dry by people's expectations of how much I'll be spending on them just before p* poor maternity pay about to commence). I've got to get the nursery sorted, decorator due in 2 weeks, feel I'm really cutting this fine! The electrician has just left after adding a few extra sockets to the nursery and not plastered the gapping big holes he's left in the wall... Which means more money getting a plasterer and with such tight time scales as well! Yesterday I had what I thought was just a normal pregnancy melt down over general finance concerns but now the electrician has left I'm a mess again. Twice in two days. My dispair is mostly financially linked, and that's not going to get better.

Anyways, is it normal to take a dip in mood as you approach the due date? Or is this something I should be keeping an eye on?

babyblabber Tue 23-Dec-14 17:22:47

It doesn't dound like a oregnsncy related dip, more that you're stressed about money and it's really getting to you.

First of all, 7 weeks is LOADS of time to get ready for baby so don't let that sorry you. Sit down and make lists of what needs to be done and start ticking it off.

Now the actual stress seems to be around finances. Fuck people and their expectations. Who's more important, them or your baby? Prioritise baby and if people are disappointed then that is there problem, not yours. In terms of decorating, do you really need to pay a decorator? Could your DH paint the nursery? High street shops like Next have gorgeous curtains, lamp shades etc and you can get fab wall stickers for next to nothing that look amazing.

You will be fine. You're nearing the end but still have a good whack to go which can be tough mentally but just hang in there!

babyblabber Tue 23-Dec-14 17:23:44

Sorry for spelling errors/autocorrects!

SilverStars Tue 23-Dec-14 18:54:20

It sounds like you stressed about money, with work being done on your home and a reduction of salary to come etc. it can be hard to work out money unless saved up before hand - which was the only advantage for me of 7 yrs if infertility - but most people manage. Could you talk through money worries with your partner and think about what you can do before go down onto mat pay etc to help?

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