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Christmas visiting dilema

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MrsLovell Tue 23-Dec-14 15:47:57

I'm 20 weeks pregnant and my DH and i are planning to visit my dad in West Yorkshire for Christmas, leaving tomorrow. We are travelling from Hertfordshire. The trip has been planned for months and he and my 14 year old sister will be alone for Christmas if we don't go, which I would feel incredibly guilty about. The issue is, I just called him to finalise preparations and he told me my sister has had a "really bad" cold (possible flu) for the last week, she is starting to get better now but my dad now thinks he is coming down with it. We are due to be couped up in a house with them for 4 days. Should I go and take my chances or stay home?

ApocalypseNowt Tue 23-Dec-14 15:52:23

Have you had your flu jab?

Tbh if he said 'really bad cold' initally i'd be inclined to think it was that. Flu is a whole different ball game and i think you'd know if you'd had it.

Personally I would go - there are lots of colds around at this time of year wherever you are. If you don't want to though it sounds like it would be ok with your dad? It sounds like he was warning you so you could make an informed decision. If you don't go though make definite plans now to visit early in the new year or something.

Middleagedmotheroftwo Tue 23-Dec-14 15:52:48

Personally, I'd go. Neither of them is likely to be contagious y the time you get there, and DSis might need some support and company if DDad is poorly on 25th.

MrsLovell Tue 23-Dec-14 16:00:46

I have had my flu jab, and no, my dad would not be OK with us not going, he was not warning us, just making conversation. He was quite shocked when I started to sound worried that they were ill, he didn't know I wasn't supposed to take any decent cold medication, only paracetamol. And sounded quite defensive, implying I was blaming my ds for getting Ill...

JennyBlueWren Tue 23-Dec-14 16:06:43

I'd go. You could as easily pick up a bug like that staying at home unless you plan to avoid all people.
Although it's horrid if you do get a cold (I've almost recovered from one now) it's not harmful to baby. Different if she had chicken pox or something similar.

fattycow Tue 23-Dec-14 17:04:22

Make sure you wash you hands a lot!

Make them wash their hands a lot as well and cough and sneeze into paper which they need to throw away immediately.

ladyflower23 Tue 23-Dec-14 18:16:04

There's a nasal spray you can take in pregnancy called Boots Cold Defence. It stops the cold virus attaching so you start using it if you are going to be in contact with someone who has a cold and it prevents you from catching it. I have had good results from it so worth giving that a go.

DanyStormborn Tue 23-Dec-14 19:04:47

I'd go. I don't think they would have flu (and even if they have you are protected from common strains with your jab). I wouldn't avoid people with bad colds just practice normal hand washing and hope for the best. I've had one bad cold so far this pregnancy and it wasn't great without decongestants but I got through.

buttercupbear Tue 23-Dec-14 19:26:27

Just go, it's a cold.

MissyBear10 Tue 23-Dec-14 20:21:05

Sorry to say I wouldn't. I'm cautious about stuff like this and just wouldn't take any chances at all.

AnythingNotEverything Tue 23-Dec-14 20:23:44

You most likely won't get through the winter without a cold and are just as likely to catch one going about your normal business this Christmas at home.

I'm 14 weeks, and I'd go. Lots of hand washing as others have suggested. Chances are they won't be contagious any longer anyway.

EssexMummy123 Tue 23-Dec-14 20:28:26

Depends if it's cold or flu - flu can be serious in pregnancy (I had swine flu) and the flu-jab doesn't cover every strain.

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