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Gush of Heavy red bleeding

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MumToBe2015R Tue 23-Dec-14 09:33:15

Hi, although I've been to the hospital & had a early scan would just like to know of people's experience or advice in this situation.
Yesterday after a very stressful 2days I felt this gush of liquid in my underwear, went to the bathroom to check & had bright red bleeding in my leggings & underwear. So much so, that it was soaking shock
I called the EPUA straight away, got seen & they found a heartbeat. & the nurse also said the baby has grown since last week (had a early scan last Thursday) So I'm totally over the moon. However wanted to find out if its impossible to still have a babies heartbeat & miscarrying at the same time? (May sound like a stupid question)

I'm hoping everything is okay like the nurse suggested but can't figure out why I had the red blood. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you x

SilverStars Tue 23-Dec-14 09:50:36

Hi sorry you had that. I did to, until 13 weeks. Discovered I had a haematoma in my uterus that now seems to have almost gone ( seen on a scan). Now 19 weeks. Scary though. The hospital basically said to go back if it gets worse ( but not if spotting etc) but all they can do is scan to check for a heartbeat in the early stages. Was told resting is not necessarily recommended these days by all dr's but it could help - so had a few days off work and in bed/no heavy lifting etc.

nojaffacakes Tue 23-Dec-14 16:15:05

Hi - i had something similar at 7 weeks. Gushes of watery blood - it felt like quite a lot of it. Like SilverStars, I too had a subchorionic haematoma seen on a scan. It has been getting gradually smaller over the last few weeks (i'm now 14 weeks). The midwife has told ne that I could bleed again, but on all scans so far the baby has appeared healthy.
After the bleed at 7 weeks i took a few days off work and since then have been trying to take things easy and not lifting too much.
Hope it works out ok for you.

iamstegosaurus Tue 23-Dec-14 16:18:08

I had this throughout my last pregnancy though worst was at 10 weeks. terrifying at the time but according to my obstetrician friend quite common. dd is now 3. grin

Treesandbees Wed 24-Dec-14 13:06:20

I had this in my first pg at 7 weeks. I too had a synchronic haematoma. Unfortunately for me it got larger rather than shrank and I ended up miscarrying at 9 weeks. Are they taking your bloods to monitor hcg?

Perdita123 Thu 25-Dec-14 04:50:46

I also had a sc haematoma at 11 weeks. Felt a massive gush and was absolutely convinced I was miscarrying. Carried on bleeding and could see lots of large clots which of course convinced me further I was losing the baby. However was checked at the emergency room and the baby was astonishingly absolutely fine. The bleeding gradually stopped and I've not had another bleed since and I'm 22 weeks. It's terrifying but I was told it's just a pocket of blood that was trapped and burst, and that there may be more to come but it doesn't necessarily mean any harm will be done to the baby.

Hope everything goes well for you and sorry the nurse didn't give you any possible explanations.

Violetta999 Thu 25-Dec-14 04:59:00

I had a haematoma too. It's fine as long as it not on the baby - which they generally aren't. They often get smaller and disappear as the weeks go by.

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