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third bby

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tammykk22 Mon 22-Dec-14 22:12:36

Hi everyone first Time being on here, i am currently expecting baby #3, i am 32+1 day pregnant my babys head has been down since 27 weeks, i keep gwtting sharp shooting pains down below when i walk, not all the Time just now and again, bump has dropped loads ....whats peoples opinions can i Possibly go early.

mum2benicole Tue 23-Dec-14 08:44:37

Hi is was the same with my 1st baby she was head down from round the same 27 weeks and I found the pains when walking the mw said that she was push on a nerve she came 5 days early but that was all. I carried low from round 29weeks
All the best and good luck xx

prettywhiteguitar Tue 23-Dec-14 09:17:03

I am pregnant with #3 too, I walked round 3cm dilated for two weeks with #2 and was told that with 3 you can be very stop start.

I would imagine the sharp pains could be the baby's head banging on something when you walk rather than anything labour related.

If you're worried call your midwife 32 weeks is early to be thinking about labour, bump dropping down can be to do with the weight of the baby and it's position plus with number 3 your muscle tone will be less supportive I recon. My bump is very low and out ! I'm only 27 weeks shock

rubyboo2 Wed 24-Dec-14 05:32:21

Hi Op I am 33 wks with baby #3 my bump has dropped and ive been having the same sharp stabbing pains in my cervix for the last week ! I spoke to my gp and he said it could be the Thrush infection irritating things but get checked out if continues( Just finished antibiotics ) .
So I am due to see the midwife New Years eve going to ask her advice then . Good luck !

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