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Twin labour?

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NinjaPanda34 Sun 21-Dec-14 20:46:28

Hi, I'm 32+2 and have had (what I think are) braxton hicks today as well as a massive increase in the babies' movements. No other symptoms - apart from the usual pelvic aches.
If you had twins, when did you go into labour and is what I'm going through normal or should I be phoning the labour ward? Eek!

TheScenicRoute Sun 21-Dec-14 21:17:26

Good luck Ninja, I'm watching with interest. X

TheScenicRoute Sun 21-Dec-14 21:19:27

Has your bump dropped? Is baby one already engaged? Is it possible that is what is happening? You might wake up tomorrow and find a dropped bump! I read a thread like this recently andt hats exactly what happened. X

AwfulBeryl Sun 21-Dec-14 21:24:24

If in doubt phone the labour ward, they will be able to help you more than we will.
I had my dts at 30 weeks, my waters went and I went in to labour shortly after.
I had lots of aches and pains before then, lots of people I know had bh up until they had them, so it could be nothing, best to speak to a MW anyway, just to be on the safe side.

NinjaPanda34 Sun 21-Dec-14 21:25:11

Hi scenic! <waves>
How do you know if it drops? Is the bump physically lower? Had a scan on Thursday and both babies are transverse. Can't get over how much movement there is tonight. Eek!
How are you doing? x

nicknack9510 Sun 21-Dec-14 21:27:47

Have you had a busy day? BH always got worse for me when I was especially busy or active, from about 28 weeks. Thinking about it, the girls always moved more too. I can't help too much with the signs of labour, I was taken in to be induced at 37+3, got cramps within minutes of the pessery going in, lost the pessery when my waters broke and they were both out 6 hours later!

TheOnlyOliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 21-Dec-14 21:41:16

would agree with Nicknack
that I would get more BH when busy/knakcered.
I was basically on sofa rest as much as poss from about this time.
Always worth phoning labour ward with twins if you're worried -
Mine weren't transverse either.
Best of luck to you

PotteringAlong Sun 21-Dec-14 21:43:00

Any change in movement should be investigated - increase as well as decrease. I'd call the labour ward just to be sure.

TheScenicRoute Sun 21-Dec-14 22:24:52

If increased movements warrant investigation I guess a call to labour ward would do no harm. Sounds like the babies are No longer transverse which is great news. X

slightlyinsane Mon 22-Dec-14 13:11:23

Hi, how are you today? Agree with pp any changes in movement should be checked out, there is a good chance they were moving to a head down while they still have some room but still best getting checked out.
I had mine at 36+2 after my waters went I went into labour a few hrs later and babies arrived about 8 hrs after my waters had gone.
When's your next scan?

neversleepagain Mon 22-Dec-14 15:38:21

I didn't have any braxton hicks. I started getting contractions at about 3pm and babies were delivered at 6pm by emcs (like yours, both transverse). I had them at 34+5.

NinjaPanda34 Mon 22-Dec-14 17:14:09

Hiya, phoned labour ward but they suggested I took a bath, did so and pains and movement calmed down, so, still pregnant! No babies yet thank goodness! smile

TheScenicRoute Mon 22-Dec-14 18:52:06

Yay! Glad you are all well. X

bettyboop1970 Mon 22-Dec-14 19:02:40

Glad you all OK. I had pains on and off from 6 months onwards. Waters went at 33 and had emcs as twin 1 breach. If ever you not sure ring labour ward, if you're really worried don't let them fob you off, just turn up and insist you checked out. Here's wishing you all the best x

PotteringAlong Mon 22-Dec-14 19:58:12

Glad you're all ok grin

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