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How many weeks were you when you ordered pram & nursery furniture?

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Seasidedolly Sun 21-Dec-14 20:12:27

Title pretty much sums it up really!

I'm 25 weeks tomorrow and we're planning to order the pram & nursery furniture & start sorting the nursery the week after Christmas.

Is this too early or about right? We're getting the Silver Cross Pioneer and I've heard they're taking a while to be delivered. Am due 6th April.

Plus I also want to make sure the nursery is painted well in advance of Beans arrival, even though he won't be going in there for a good few months after he's born.

We've already got clothes and donations from family & friends but these bits seem like the "big" things and I'm excited to get planning smile

ToriB34 Sun 21-Dec-14 20:30:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

butterfly86 Sun 21-Dec-14 20:41:54

We ordered the pram after the 20 week scan it was a bit early for me but we were getting a good deal and the nursery furniture I was about 30/32 weeks.

croon979 Sun 21-Dec-14 20:43:08

Will keep an eye on this thread! Also decided on the silver cross pioneer!

BananaToast Sun 21-Dec-14 20:45:39

I'm 23 weeks tomorrow and bought the pram a couple of weeks ago in a Black Friday deal. Earlier than I had planned, or really wanted, to but didn't want to miss out on the offer and end up paying more. Not bought nursery furniture yet, will probably do it around 30 weeks. Like you I want to have the nursery finished before he arrives.

Cherryblossom200 Sun 21-Dec-14 20:47:53

I was about 27/28 weeks which felt the right time for me.

AuntieStella Sun 21-Dec-14 20:48:23

When the baby was about 6 weeks old.

I had sling and Moses basket for immediately after the birth, and only finalised from short lists of other kit once I'd done a bit of baby wrangling myself.

HollyBdenum Sun 21-Dec-14 20:51:12

I got a cot at around 32 weeks and a pram when the baby was 3 months old. She moved into her own room when she was two and a half. I decorated it then. I don't rush into these big purchass, it seems...

weeblueberry Sun 21-Dec-14 20:54:04

We ordered both because my 22nd week fell in the January sales. So it would have been silly to wait and pay a lot more for the sake of a few weeks. We didn't pick up the furniture til 6 weeks before and the buggy was a month before.

Mintyy Sun 21-Dec-14 20:55:07

The only things I had before my pfb was born were nappies, cotton woold, vests, babygrows, breastfeeding bras and disposable breast pads.

We got everything else (sling, more breastfeeding bras) as and when we needed them online. And this was in the dark ages of 2001.

MostHighlyFlavouredLady Sun 21-Dec-14 20:57:30

I bought a pram when ds was 5 days old (£65 for the McClaren Ryder including footmuffs and raincover, and was given a cotbed when he was a few weeks old, but was planning to wait until the next NCT sale if wasn't.

Don't think I ever thought about a 'nursery'. Still not entirely clear what one is.

Seasidedolly Sun 21-Dec-14 20:59:02

Blueberry, did you find there was much baby stuff in the sales? That's why I'm ordering after xmas, maybe ill pick up a few bits of clothing but there doesn't seem to be sales for prams etc in Jan.

Thank you all for your replies! Unfortunately I'm yet to find the Pioneer at a reduced price but my friend did get a Silvercross Linear 1/2 price on Black Friday, so its worth keeping my eyes peeled!

silverandblack Sun 21-Dec-14 21:00:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MostHighlyFlavouredLady Sun 21-Dec-14 21:01:27

I just looked at the slivercross pioneer because I wanted to check you were getting something public transport friendly but actually shock, is it made out of gold?

Seriously, you can't take buggies into GP surgeries, baby groups, Surestart centres, many public loos etc. Are you really gonna want to leave something that costs that much outside unattended?

weeblueberry Sun 21-Dec-14 21:03:51

Well the furniture was from Mothercare - the set was retailing at £799 (and it genuinely had been as we'd been in about a month before) and we got it for £499. That was for a wardrobe/shelving unit, cotbed and changing unit (which my mum was totally cynical about and we've used at least twice a day since DD was born 20 months ago ;)). The buggy was from a specific pram centre here in Edinburgh and they did have a great offer on that was for our Uppababy, carset and base. Got about £100ish off it with it being the January sales.

I suppose it depends how specific an idea you have in mind for what you'd like. We had the buggy down to 3 options and decided a good deal would probably seal it for us. And the furniture was vague in our minds as long as it included a cotbed. smile

DaisyFlowerChain Sun 21-Dec-14 21:04:12

Picked everything after 20w scan as I knew the sex and Mothercare delivered it all once I had had DS. I did get the car seat and Moses basket the week before as knew I'd need those first.

weeblueberry Sun 21-Dec-14 21:06:08

Most the Silvercross Pioneer isn't any more expensive than the Uppababy, Bugaboo or Stoke and plenty of folk seem to leave them outside places here. smile

MostHighlyFlavouredLady Sun 21-Dec-14 21:09:28

Ah well wee maybe you're right. I hadn't especially noticed the other buggies outside. I just got to 5days, decided I probably needed a pram, popped into toysrus and bought one that could be used from birth and that lasted 3 kids (I don't drive so got quite some battering).

TBF, the breaks don't work now, but as last child is 2 and a half I just stick him behind the pole on the bus and hold onto him the rest of the time.

Gillian1980 Sun 21-Dec-14 21:16:14

I'm thinking we will start getting bits after the 20 week scan.

By chance we only decorated our spare room a few months ago so that is all ready.

We have a Moses basket which was a freebie from a friend. I'll just get a new mattress.

I think we'll get as much as possible second hand, other than mattress and car seat. I'm not fussed about brands or colour schemes etc as long as it's all clean and safe.

MostHighlyFlavouredLady Sun 21-Dec-14 21:19:53

I would really try to get the least possible, until the baby arrives and you actually KNOW what will make your life easier rather than trying to guess and then having to either put up with wonderful but misguided purchases or spend yet more money.

Remember with travel systems that the baby is not meant to spend more than a couple of hours in a car seat, at most as it is bad for their developing backs.

Letmeeatcakecakecake Sun 21-Dec-14 21:20:43

I kept most things from when I had to DS, 5 years ago. I'm going to start getting it all down from the loft soon, give it a clean and try to figure out what we need to get. I'm 22 weeks.

From the first time around, I learned that half the stuff I was so stressed abut getting before hand, I didn't even need for a while.

He didn't even start sleeping in his own room part time until about 6 months so the rush to have the nursery completed was time wasted.

Wineandchoccy Sun 21-Dec-14 21:26:34

seasidedolly google babycare in bradford it is the official silver cross factory outlet. We bought the silver cross pioneer from there and it was £400 instead of £600. Ours has a small scratch near the basket but all the carrycot/pushchair is brand new. They sell on ebay and have a facebook page.

I'm 24 weeks and bought it 2 weeks ago.

MostHighlyFlavouredLady Sun 21-Dec-14 21:29:28

My last ds never had a cot. He kind of co-slept and then slept on his bedroom floor and now with whichever older child he fancies getting in bed with. hmm

Babies really don't do and like what you expect them to. As I mentioned, 'baby' ds is 2 and a half now and I only realised as I wrapped another child's Christmas pyjamas that baby ds has never had any. He just sleeps in whatever he wore that day, changed in the morning.

m33r Mon 22-Dec-14 07:52:35

I'm 27 weeks and we finished the nursery last week. I may be a bit of a loser but I love sitting in it! fblush we ordered the pram after 20 week scan (silver toss linear as pioneer wouldn't fit in my boot). I also have lots of baby grows and some little bears.

The way I see it, I will never be pg with my first ever again so am loving this time where it's just me spoiling my bump! I'm clearly not very superstitious and since it took us nearly two years to conceive had saved up some money for this very thing.

Have fun with it! fgrin

Ragwort Mon 22-Dec-14 08:02:53

Didn't buy anything grin - we had our baby so much later than friends (in our 40s grin) that we were inundated with second hand stuff - great !! I think we were given three prams/pushchairs. We'd moved into a brand new house so nowhere needed decorating - I did buy a wallpaper border for the nursery but it didn't go up for two years - neither of us are keen on decorating and eventually a friend offered to do it.

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