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32 + 3 weeks, extreme tiredness! and tummy measuring

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bethnyann Sun 21-Dec-14 13:56:31

I am currently 32 + 3 weeks pregnant with my first child. Throughout my pregnancy everyone has told me that the tiredness would disappear and I would get a burst of energy....really?!. I dont think so. I feel like i am really struggling. I currently work full time and i feel as though my maternity cannot come soon enough!. I would sleep for 12 hours straight and wake up feeling un rested and still extremely tired!.

I had my midwife appt on Thurs and she advised me the baby was measuring at 34 - 36 weeks. Has anyone else had this? should i be worried? She advised me i shouldn't but the fact she was determined to get through to my hospital to book me an emergency scan for tomorrow evening told me otherwise.

I cannot wait for my baby to arrive, i was not expecting pregnancy to be so tiring.

Jodie1982 Sun 21-Dec-14 22:35:29

I'm 32+2 with baby no.5 and completely exhausted too Hun. Dont worry too much about the measurements, I've always measured a couple of wks more it's never anything bad, might just b a chunky baby like mine always are! Once your on Maternity you can have a well earned rest x

NinjaPanda34 Sun 21-Dec-14 22:38:34

I'm also 32+2 and constantly exhausted. Just started my mat leave, can you get signed off or use up some holiday? You need to rest up before you make yourself ill

Halfpastthelegofmyshirt Mon 22-Dec-14 03:44:53

Have you been checked for anaemia? I felt pretty dreadful with tiredness and breathlessness, thought it was normal pregnancy tiredness but I was a bit anaemic. Since I started taking Spatone I feel a lot better, it started to make a difference within a week and now I've been on it for a month i am mostly back to normal.

BanglesSpangles Mon 22-Dec-14 04:43:02

I wouldnt worry about the measuring thing- i had the same thing earlier this week (measuring 5cm too small) and was whisked off the same day for growth scans- It was all sorted and confirmed that the baby was fine within two hours of my MW appointment.

MW even said it was likely nothing to worry about, but it doesnt stop you from having that 'aaggh!' moment in the interim. On the plus side, Ive heard of others having to wait a week or more for a growth scan, so I just counted it as a good thing in the end that it was all resolved so quickly

tiggy2610 Mon 22-Dec-14 05:02:48

It must be some sort of witching hour for us all, currently 32+4 and am on MN at 5am as my pregnancy insomnia seems to be kicking in at the height of my pregnancy exhaustion sad

Working full time and after hours of tossing and turning I've just given in and have have emailed my boss and have taken my first sick day in a while. I was planning on working up until 38 weeks but currently cursing myself for being such an optimistic fool blush

Don't panic too much about growth, I'm currently measuring 35 weeks in 'bump' terms but I'm having regular growth scans due to GD so know for a fact that baby is measuring almost spot on for his dates. If I'm honest, I always wondered how accurate bump size was given how different every woman's body and pregnancy is.

I hope your scans goes well, at least it's another opportunity to catch a glimpse of the (not so) little one smile

AnythingNotEverything Mon 22-Dec-14 05:15:16

The size of your bump in relation to gestation is less important than the rate of growth - just like with a newborn they expect you to follow a curve.

They scan everyone with a slightly unexpected sized bump these days. It can catch important issues like slow growth or polyhydramnios etc, but it can equally just be a lovely extra look at the baby. Try not to worry.

rubyboo2 Mon 22-Dec-14 09:31:20

Hi glad to see its not just me I am 32 +6 and knackered ! I am measuring over my personal growth chart so having a scan . They will want to measure you a few times and see if follows a trend , if they have concerns will send you for a scan .

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