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Second trimester overeating :(

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dietcokeisgreat Sat 20-Dec-14 20:26:21

Its entirely my own fault but I've put on way too much weight for being 15wks. I've been super hungry for the past month and just bingeing on toast, bread and butter, choc biscuits plus normal meals. people are starting to comment on my weight gain which is quite depressing. I go to 3 classes at my gym per week and have still been doing this but my job etc is pretty sedentary otherwise.

Chrismas week is going to be a disaster!

In my first pregnancy i went from 49kg booking to 64kg day before delivery. Was 49kg at 12 wk scan but no idea what happened from then on as didnt weigh myself. This time i was 48kg wt booking and now 54kg already. Last time i had no particular concerns but didn't have this hunger.

I recovered from an eating disorder i had during my teens quite a few years ago, and had been very stable at 48/50kg (bmi 19.5 as i am little) since 2005 til i had my ds in 2011. So i consider that my starting and end point!

Any advice, bar just exercising self restraint??

LIG1979 Sun 21-Dec-14 06:34:50

I am up eating my 1st breakfast as I type this.

I know that I put on quite a lot of weight early on and then not so much later on in the pregnancy. Also, I am pretty slim normally and I think initially my body tries to get to a good body fat percentage. (Normally, I am ~20% body fat but I gain weight in pregnancy till about 31/32% body fat.) So I try and reassure myself it is my body doing what it needs to do.

This pregnancy I am gaining a similar amount of weight to last time and trying to reassure myself that a) it slows down later on with the pregnancy (which it has after gaining 12 lbs in the first 12 weeks) and b) that I found it easy to loose it afterwards last time and even had trouble keeping the weight on whilst breastfeeding.

It does sound like you are pretty tiny so your body probably needs the extra fat.

Psmith83 Sun 21-Dec-14 14:57:46

Congratulations on your pregnancy, and on your stable weight. I recommend reading some Susie Orbach- she's a great writer and psychoanalyst about eating disorders. you can google her advice to pregnant women, or order her book, 'hunger strike' or 'on eating' if you want to think a bit more about your weight and hunger. I personally found them extremely helpful, and her advice has gotten me through some disordered eating- especially during this pregnancy. X

dietcokeisgreat Sun 21-Dec-14 18:10:55


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