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Shoulder dystocia and subsequent babies

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PeppaPigStinks Fri 19-Dec-14 22:28:23

First baby was 7lb 6, my second was 10lb 4 and he needed quite a bit of assistance to be born.

I'm feeling broodyblush but just wondered what other people experiences were that had shoulder dystocia births.

I was told me due to severity of the shoulder dystocia I would need a c section if I wanted any more childrensad

blackwidow74 Sat 20-Dec-14 10:37:15

My dc3 attempted the shoulder first entrance and had to be 'menouvred' into a better position by midwife at the peak of a contraction at which point he flew out with no further trouble ... I've since had my dc4 with no repeat smile

NoRoomForALittleOne Sat 20-Dec-14 14:49:37

The NICE guidelines state that a c section for a subsequent birth is to be offered to mothers who have had a previous severe shoulder dystocia birth but it is the mother's choice as attempting vaginal birth is also an option. Apparently early induction is not a good idea.

I'm not much help as I'm only 21 weeks in to a subsequent pregnancy. My first three were all born without any assistance but DD3 was much bigger than them at 9lb 13oz and had a shoulder dystocia. It's a bit more complicated for me because I also have very fast births. Their latest plan is to admit me at 37 weeks until birth if they think the baby is likely to be as big. I'm having a GTT and regular growth scans from 26 weeks. However, it is now widely acknowledged that a multiparous woman is the best judge of the size of her baby. I did try telling them last time but was told that I was wrong. This time I will be taking no nonsense if I suspect a very large baby.

PeppaPigStinks Sat 20-Dec-14 18:04:40

No room. Despite being palpated by a number if midwives all were shocked at ds size as much as I was! I had absolutely no idea he was going to be so big!

NoRoomForALittleOne Sun 21-Dec-14 20:30:48

That's very interesting that you didn't have a clue about DS' size. I KNEW at 34 weeks that I was carrying a baby about the same size as DD2 and DS had been at birth. I was fobbed off with something about my stomach muscles being slack as I was on my fourth baby and only measuring 1cm ahead on fundal height. DD3 was direct OP (which they had noted themselves) and this tends to make fundal height appear smaller than if the baby were to be in an OA position. Also given that at 27 weeks I had been given a growth scan (I was in threatened pre-term labour) and she was measuring large at that stage, it may have been prudent to have listened to me.

A word of warning: you know how growth scans are regularly put down for their inaccuracy? Apparently having a series of scans is way more accurate so bear this in mind and expect it to happen in subsequent pregnancies.

Dailylurker Sun 21-Dec-14 21:16:34

Ive just found out I am 6 weeks into my 4th pregnancy, my last baby was 9lb 13oz and have just been reading up about thisand it is 16% more likely to happen again, I was told i would need a c-section if I had anymore and I'm thinking I'll take their advice as it was a scary experience.

MissBeehiving Sun 21-Dec-14 21:41:33

I had SD with DS1 (7lbs) and was offered a ELCS for DS2 (6lbs). The SD had been really scary so was happy to take the ELCS which was a really wonderful experience smile

NoBloodyMore Sun 21-Dec-14 21:48:48

I had SD with DS1 11 years ago, tried for a natural with DD 5 years ago but ended up with an emergency c section after she got stuck, was offered and accepted an elcs with DS2, the elcs was by far my best experience.

They said after DD they thought my pelvis was tilted so the SD may not have been down to DS's size, he was only 8.7 but very short.

PeppaPigStinks Mon 22-Dec-14 14:42:12

Interesting. I had an irritable cervix and a positive ffn test at 33 weeks ish. I also had in my head a worry of shoulder dystocia as was planning a home birth!
I think I was incredibly lucky and wasn't injured although ds was.
It's given me a lot to think about. I am scared of hospitals so a section is enough to put me off for a minute!

MigGril Mon 22-Dec-14 14:53:35

DD was shoulder dystocia and 8lb 6oz, she was fine I had a very bad tear and was also told us need a c section for subsequent births. But I don't think there is much evidence supporting possible repeats and with DS I was very happy to see a lovely consultant who was quite happy for me to have a normal delivery. DS did turn out smaller for some reason but not problems with the birth at all.

I'd don't know if DD being a forceps delivery had something to do with it.

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