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Think I may be about to miscarry

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Flumpy2012 Fri 19-Dec-14 17:38:36

Hello, just looking for some words of wisdom or comfort really. Pregnant with number2. 5.5 weeks so very early. Did positive first response test a week ago. Today had pink/brown discharge when I wipe and just done a negative tesco test sad
Gp has referred me to early pregnancy unit for scan on Monday . It's the negative test which is making me think hcg levels are going down sad

Any thoughts

Snoopysimaginaryfriend Fri 19-Dec-14 19:45:35

Sorry flumpy, I don't have very much knowledge about your situation.

I had the opposite- strong positive tests after a miscarriage.

hopefully it's just that you're early in the pregnancy and everything will be ok.

Good luck, hope it turns out ok flowers

Brummiegirl15 Fri 19-Dec-14 20:16:21

Hi Flumpy

I've had 2 x mc's and on both occasions I had positive tests after the mc's. Mc number 1 was 7 days and mc number 2 was 16 days!!!

So please don't hold too much weight on the Tesco one but you must see your GP or EPAU. Thinking of you x

sarkymare Fri 19-Dec-14 20:29:56

It could be that your urine has become diluted throughout the day so HCG isn't as concentrated. Really before the 7 week mark all tests should be taken with first morning urine.

Easier said than done i know, but try to relax until your scan. Worrying wont solve anything.

Best wishes for your scan

carbolicsoaprocked Fri 19-Dec-14 20:38:11

Sorry to hear this Flumpy, are you still bleeding? At this early stage it could be implantation bleeding, many women get this. I agree with Brummiegirl about the neg pregnancy test, much more likely to be wrong than a positive one, perhaps the Tesco one isn't as sensitive as the first response. Best of luck for Monday x

Ridingthestorm Fri 19-Dec-14 21:43:08

I found tea I sticks useless. Have me a negative on both but clear lue came up positive. Try s different brand. Also had pink/brown on wiping at 6 weeks and again at 12 weeks. Now sat at 26+6 with a hyperactive baby girls i king a away (Ritalin anyone?????)

Flumpy2012 Fri 19-Dec-14 22:15:29

Hello, clear blue was positive but conception indicator said 1-2 weeks and it should be at least 2-3 so wonder if this is another sign of low hcg levels. I'm now bleeding a bit more too but I feel quite sick and there's no pain. So confusing!

I know that what will be will be but I just wish there was either a load of blood and I knew for sure it was a miscarriage or none at all and I knew all was ok!!!

Thank you all for your kind words xx

StarbuckGalactica Sat 20-Dec-14 02:59:46

I hope you're ok. I had some discharge at 8 weeks and am now 37 weeks.

My friend bled consistently throughout her pregnancy and now has a little 8 week old.

Try and relax this weekend. I hope everything goes well for you on Monday.

StarbuckGalactica Sat 20-Dec-14 03:00:37

PS I don't think it would be a good idea to take anymore pregnancy tests.

ToriB34 Sat 20-Dec-14 08:08:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Flumpy2012 Sat 20-Dec-14 09:26:18

Thank you everyone. I'm trying not to worry but the bleeding continues so it doesn't look good although it's significant it's not as heavy as my normal period and I haven't lost any tissue as such so a tiny part of me is still hopeful.
I don't know whether to just get on with my day or stay in bed, I just feel sad if it's miscarriage at Christmas sad

Either way I think Monday Is likely to wither show nothing or an empty sac and I'll have to go back so I'm not sure much clarification is going to come before Christmas.

How early have others seen heart beats?

Thank you all again xx

thesmallbear Sat 20-Dec-14 09:39:07

I Flumpy, sorry you are going through this. I saw a heartbeat at six weeks with this pregnancy, but I think it's borderline whether or not one would be present that early. Hopefully you will see a yolk sac and foetal pole. If there's no heartbeat they'll probably scan again a week later, as it may just be too early at the time of your scan.

Brummiegirl15 Sat 20-Dec-14 11:09:04

I had a scan on Wednesday and saw fetal pole and heartbeat and I was 6+5

However on my last mc the consultant told me they've had women literally gushing blood, yet on the scan the baby is waving merrily away completely oblivious.

Bleeding with no pain honestly could go either way

Flumpy2012 Sat 20-Dec-14 20:46:21

Went to the hospital today and Hcg level was only 10 so it looks like it's a failed pregnancy. They think the worst of the loss is over. I guess sometimes it's just not meant to be. At least I know where I am now. Have to have another blood test 48 hours later so tomorrow but they've cancelled the scan x

GingerbreadPudding Sat 20-Dec-14 21:49:43

Oh flumpy, I'm sorry to read that things did work out for you this time. You take your time to do whatever you feel like doing to mark this very sad time. thanks

RiverRocks Sat 20-Dec-14 21:50:21

Flumpy so sorry to hear about your loss. Miscarriage is shitty.

Take care of yourself; have a drink of wine and some cuddles with your little one flowers

Flumpy2012 Sun 21-Dec-14 09:06:27

Thank you. I'm just very tired now so will rest today and hopefully feel better tomorrow xx

thesmallbear Sun 21-Dec-14 13:01:53

So sorry Flumpy. The miscarriage board was a great help to me when I went through something similar. Take care of yourself.

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