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Advice required

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mrsdos Fri 19-Dec-14 10:35:45

Morning Ladies,
I'm looking for sone advice really, I came off bc in October and haven't had a visit from Af since. As suffering with what I thought could be symptoms for the last 10 days or so I took a cheap test on weds to receive bfp. This was a complete surprise! My question, what on Earth do I do now? Advice very welcome

Teeste Fri 19-Dec-14 11:38:05

Congrats! You should pop down to your GP who will give you more info, maybe a flu jab (if you want one). Assuming you want this pregnancy, you'll eventually be given a booking appointment with your midwife, then come scans and lots and lots of blood and urine tests - such fun!

In the meantime, start taking folic acid, stay off the booze, reduce caffeine, don't eat stinky runny cheese or underdone eggs, all that malarkey.

Number3cometome Fri 19-Dec-14 11:38:49

Make an appointment with your GP and ask the receptionist on the phone if it is self-referral for the midwife.

If you haven't had a period since October, you may well be up to 10 weeks pregnant so important you see someone asap.

Immediately start taking folic acid.

Best of luck!

mrsdos Fri 19-Dec-14 11:47:05

Hello Ladies,
Thanks for the speedy replies! I stopped taking cerazette in October, I haven't had a period for years but take your advice on board. Will call for a gp appointment later if I get the chance (Christmas work do today). Going to have to come up with a good excuse not to drink over the next couple of weeks now! Oh, I haven't told Dh yet, do you think leaving it to Christmas day is a good idea?smile

Number3cometome Fri 19-Dec-14 11:54:29

I'd have burst with excitement by then!

Did you do a clear blue with indicator to see how many weeks along you are? If not, get one now and update us grin

mrsdos Fri 19-Dec-14 12:24:12

I may have to spill the beans earlier! Not yet, done an early cb test as well so far. How long does it take for a positive to show on a digital?

JennyBlueWren Fri 19-Dec-14 15:13:59

When you phone your GP they might give you an appointment with a MW straight away -depends on your area. As you don't know how far along you might be I imagine they'll take it from when you came off bc (so potentially 10 weeks depending when you came off it).

Oh and if you aren't already, start on folic acid or a pregnancy multi-vitamin (not one with Vit A!).

JennyBlueWren Fri 19-Dec-14 15:15:49

You'll probably get a scan in a couple of weeks which will help work out how far along you are. I was only 9 weeks when I went to my "12" week scan so had to go back again a few weeks later.

Number3cometome Fri 19-Dec-14 15:18:26

mrsdos usually about 5 mins? Mine took ages!

Did you do the test?

mrsdos Fri 19-Dec-14 19:02:35

I haven't made it to either the chemist or call the doctor today! Can make a chemist visit tomorrow though. I have bought a little pair of baby shoes which I am going to wrap up to give to dh on Christmas day smile if I can make it that far without telling him! Will be calling the drs monday first thing, how soon do you think I would be seen?

mrsdos Sun 21-Dec-14 08:17:54

Number3 I have taken a digi test which says 2-3 weeks, and told dh who is really excited! Now just got to call the dr tomorrow morning smile thank you all for your advice

Number3cometome Mon 22-Dec-14 10:13:26

Brilliant news!! All the best grin x

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