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light bleeding at 6 weeks

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Kotka79 Thu 18-Dec-14 20:29:13

Hi everyone, i'm Maggie and i am new here. i am currently 6 weeks pregnant with my second child, my DD is 17 months now and is a lovely toddler! My previous pregnancy went smooth all way through. This one is a bit different ;( At about 5 weeks i noticed some pink spotting and tiny cramps in my tummy. It did not bother me initially but two days later the pink spotting turned into a bright red, but still very light bleeding. I panicked and went staight to a&e where they said bleeding in early pregnancy is common....but booked me with Early pregnancy unit for a scan next day. The scan showed that the pregnancy is in the right place (not ectopic) and the yolk sac was there with a tiny something inside which doctor thought was a baby. Far too early though to see the heartbeat because according to the size the actual pregnancy was 5 weeks or so. So i am to return for another scan in 2 weeks. Still bleeding very lightly but cramping has stopped now. Just looking for some support, hope and reassurance here really.None of my friends had gone through similar thing. Has any of you experienced this and had a healthy baby in the end? I am preparing myself for the worst (miscarriage) but i also cant stop hoping that we will make it somehow. I want this baby sooooo much! sad

hagred Thu 18-Dec-14 21:12:31

I bled on and off with my (now 2 yr old) son for the first 3 months. Despite getting 8 scans before the usual 12 week scan my pregnancy was considered completely normal and we were both perfectly healthy once he was born.

Scans are the only way to gain real reassurance, but bleeding in pregnancy is really common especially in the early months.
It's good that they've sorted you some scans, try your best to chill with good thoughts for the time being.

Sending hugs. X

33goingon64 Thu 18-Dec-14 21:28:33

I had bleeding with my first pg at exactly the same stage. Had scan with same result as you and I remember the wait for the next scan was agonising! For us all was well, there was a heartbeat at the next scan and DS is now 3. All you can do is take care of yourself, don't exert yourself in any way and just try and distract yourself with other thoughts. Time will pass. Good luck.

Kotka79 Thu 18-Dec-14 21:34:15

Ahh, thank you hagred for some good words. 8 scans before the 12th week one??? wow! But at least you must have felt you were in good hands and well taken care for. What's killing me is the waiting!!! Two weeks seem like forever. At this stage they could not tell whether the baby was even there for sure. This will be a very anxious Christmas for me sad

hagred Fri 19-Dec-14 11:04:28

Every bleed is terrifying and the wait for a scan is agonising.
Just remember that most pregnancies turn out just fine, and bleeding in pregnancy is normal but getting a scan is the best way to be sure.....and when you get to see the little heartbeat it is just amazing, so try to look forward to that instead of any negative thoughts. X

ChickenMe Fri 19-Dec-14 11:46:38

Sorry you've had bleeding, it is so scary.
I had brown blood at 6weeks and a full on bleed like a heavy period at around 14w. My pregnancy has continued-now 25w fingers crossed no more blood. I didn't have cramps other than the usual stretching and sore belly.
There is no way of telling. A lot of women I spoke to after my massive bleed said they had similar. It's common. It's not definitive either way which is hard. All the best wishes to you.

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