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CVS results - long wait

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parisblue Thu 18-Dec-14 19:26:59

I'm having an excruciating time waiting for my CVS results to come through (my risk of Down's was given as 1:24). The hospital told me three working days, but they're now over two days late - apparently the lab are just not sending the results through. I wish there was more sensitivity to how much pain parents endure while they're waiting for these results - and more efficiency in delivery!
This is extra difficult for me because my first pregnancy was also classified as high-risk (1:70) after the dating scan; I had CVS, waited THREE WEEKS for the results (different hospital - but at least they didn't tell me the results would be in sooner than they were), and fortunately the karyotype was absolutely normal. I told myself that I shouldn't worry about the same thing happening again, etc. Then it did happen - only the odds are even lower this time. I'm feeling very frustrated and scared, and I wonder if anyone else is going through the same thing?

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